Yule flowers

Yule flowers

December 21 marks one of the turning-points of the year. The days seem more or less equal; the closer you are to the equator, the more true that is. For the northern hemisphere, we have our shortest night and we get a smidgen more light every night until the third week in June. In the southern hemisphere, it’s the exact opposite: the days get shorter and the nights longer.

Fruits and Flowers Gift Basket With WineTraditionally called Yule, this time of year is meant to bring people together. There used to be a yule log, where a giant log was set afire and kept burning through the whole chilly season. Today, in modern Europe, it’s a lot more common to have your yule log made out of chocolate—a big tree for sure, but tasty (and nobody lives in communal halls any more).

The solstice happens at 23:03 UTC this year, so for most time zones it really will be on the 21st. But the date can vary from the 20th to the 23rd, so it’s worth checking. Thousands around the world celebrate this as a holiday in its own right, decorating their homes with seasonal decorations and lights. Sound familiar? That’s because many, but not all, of the modern fancies and traditions have their roots deep, deep in the past.

Christmas is on Thursday this week, which means it’s almost upon us. If you still have any holiday flower needs, please make sure you order today or tomorrow, to avoid disappointment. We can still bring holiday flowers to the door on Wednesday, brightening up your home for a week at least. And you can customize your bouquets with wine, candies, vases and other fitting gifts, or you can get ready-made gifts that include the above.

Have you ordered any Yule flowers from daFlores? We’d love to see what you came up with, in the comments!

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