What Flowers to Buy your Valentine Based on His/Her Favorite Romcom

What Flowers to Buy your Valentine Based on His/Her Favorite Romcom

A Bouquet for My Funny Valentine

They’ll make you laugh; they’ll make you cry. It seems like every romance these days offers comedic relief. Simulating the typical modern love story, romcoms show no remorse, throwing their audience onto a roller coaster of emotions. And we love it. This Valentine’s Day, snuggle up with your sweetie, a bottle of wine, and a classic. But don’t forget the flowers. Whether your valentine is completely uninterested in the Hallmark holiday or is a sucker for feet-sweeping gestures, no one can deny the gentle, inescapable tug at the heartstrings when presented with a bouquet of pretty blooms. Choose flowers with the same love language by matching the buds to his or her favorite romcom.

Valentine’s Flowers by Romcom

  • When Harry Met Sally: Don’t be like Harry and Sally and allow years of messy relationships go by, afraid to ruin a perfect friendship with sex. Give your friend-crush an acacia to reveal your “concealed” love for him or her.
  • Pretty Woman: You found yourself a leading lady, and she’d like to be treated as such. She doesn’t need a knight in shining armor, but she would love a bouquet of flowers. The gladiolus is a symbol of strength and is a perfect way to express your love to your independent, albeit taken, woman.
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Your sweetie is enchanted by the luxuries of the world and determined to embrace a glamorous lifestyle. Refinement and poise are epitomized by the dahlia.
  • No Strings Attached: No one is too busy for love. Deep down, whether or not we wish to admit it, we all crave those butterflies in our stomachs and obnoxiously sweet good morning texts. Let the one you love know how you feel with jonquil flowers, which signify a mutual affection.
  • Bridget Jones’s Diary: Like Bridget Jones, your beloved is probably a little off-key, your quirky other half. Give him or her the anything but ordinary, indisputably beautiful, flame lily.
  • Love, Simon: We know this one is new to the romcom space, but it deserves a spot with the classics. The contemporary love story has it all – witty best friends, a caring and totally accepting family, a charismatic protagonist, and a secret crush. The gardenia symbolizes secret love, so take one with you when you wait for your crush on the Ferris wheel this Valentine’s Day.
  • Bringing up Baby: There is something irresistibly charming about someone who really just can’t take a hint. Present your silly, often flighty, light-hearted partner with a geranium as a symbol of nonsense and positivity.
  • Some Kind of Wonderful: This reimagined reboot of Pretty in Pink is, like most of John Hughes’s iconic films, about young love. Your ’80s-obsessed cutie deserves fresh blooms. The primrose is a symbol of youth and, of course, affection.
  • The Wedding Planner: Despite her damsel in distress moment, and the fact that she is arranging a wedding for the man of her dreams, Mary is strong and meticulous. She always has a plan. If this is a favorite of your valentine, opt for the hyacinth, a symbol of constancy.
  • 27 Dress: We all love to see the selfless, loyal heroine end up with the happy ending. Chrysanthemums portray loyalty and faith, require little maintenance, and, like Jane’s unrequited love for George in the beginning of the movie, are long-lasting.
  • The 40-Year-Old Virgin: Albeit more on the comedy end of the spectrum than the traditional romance, this classic romcom cannot go unmentioned. Choose the white lily to communicate purity and innocence.
  • La La Land: Let’s be real. Any movie starring the adorably hilarious Emma Stone and equally adorable heartthrob Ryan Gosling is a must-see. Obviously their chemistry from Crazy, Stupid Love wasn’t enough for viewers. The two play aspiring stars with hopes and dreams bigger than their bank accounts. Does your person feel a connection to the duo? The statice flower, or herb, represents a longing for prosperity.
  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days: Your relationship is based on adoring notes of sarcasm and goofy inside jokes. Let your flowers be the bud of yet another joke (ha – flower humor) with the monkey face orchid.
  • Say Anything: Maybe you two make an unexpected couple like Lloyd and Diane. There is nothing wrong with adhering to the notion that opposites attract. Representing imbalance, purple carnations make a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for this type of relationship.
  • 500 Days of Summer: Can we even label this movie a romantic comedy? Lavender embodies the idea of love at first sight, but it becomes clear that the concept is unrealistic, more of a compulsive attraction than love.
  • Clueless: Is it overly ambitious to assume you and your soulmate are ’90s kids? Reminiscent of Claire’s quintessential yellow and black plaid skirt and blazer combo, the daisy was a classic motif during the decade. Bring it back this Valentine’s Day. ’90s party, anyone?
  • Sleepless in Seattle: You and your companion are firm believers in the theory that everything happens for a reason. There is no such thing as coincidence, which means you can only hope for the best. Choose a bouquet of irises for the holiday.
  • Annie Hall: Practice self-restraint with azaleas. Your relationship might be slightly volatile, and one, or both, of you might be occasionally irrational. However, the intense passion and love you share override any flaws.
  • Roman Holiday: Your valentine doesn’t mind bending a few rules and escaping responsibilities. Bring him or her the playful snapdragon to begin your impending V-Day adventure.
  • Notting Hill: “Just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” Anna Scott is confident and impetuous. Sometimes she likes to rush into things. That bold trait is characteristic of the delphinium.
  • The Princess Bride: This childhood favorite is full of action, a pleasant surprise for the involuntary recipient of the story, and fantasy, represented by the nasturtium, which means an accomplished victory.
  • Four Weddings and a Funeral: The yellow rose is a symbol of infidelity, jealousy, and unyielding love. Since this romcom dabbles in all three, you might have the perfect bouquet.

Traveling far for some cuddle time? Send your valentine flowers internationally, so all you have to bring are some extra blankets.

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