Welcome summer with flowers from daFlores

Welcome summer with flowers from daFlores

The warm weather of summer is here and we don’t know if you’ve noticed, but bold floral patterns seem to be “in.” At least, that’s what we’re seeing when we wander through the stores looking for nice clothing. Well, we at daFlores have another idea about bold flowers for summer: Why not send some flowers to welcome the warm, hazy days of July and August?

Crisp white roses for your summertime decorYou can go the heat-up route with summer flower ideas, or the cool-down route. Heat-up means obviously summery flowers such as sunflowers and tropical flowers. There’s a lot of heat there in their yellows and oranges, but they’re instantly cheerful. Just make sure you pick the best flower delivery service for your loved ones.

The summer flower cool-down route is to use whites and pale shades to offer contrast to those warm and often sticky days. The daFlores selection of white roses and pale pink lily bouquets can do wonders for your summer decor. Crisp white and pale shades look wonderful on a summer dinner table, whether it’s Fourth of July fun or a family reunion.

So celebrate the summer this year with the best that daFlores has to offer. We provide plenty of ideas for sending flowers to the Dominican Republic without breaking the bank. All of that is backed up with our promise that your flowers will stay fresh at least a week. And if something goes wrong, we’ll work with you until it goes right again.

When you look at our white roses, we’re sure you’ll feel the temperature going down again. By all means enjoy the floral patterns in the stores this summer, but you’ll forgive us for saying that we think the best place for a floral “pattern” is right there in the form of international flower delivery from daFlores.

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