Wedding Flowers for Every Season

Wedding Flowers for Every Season

A Bride’s Guide to Wedding Flowers for Every Season

The first glance; the drumming of your nervous heart as you walk down the aisle, surrounded by familiar faces; the passionate brush of your lips against theirs – there are so many moments you will remember and cherish forever at your wedding. But the anxiety-provoking anticipation and preparation often overshadow the impending feelings of euphoria, the forever matrimony of yourself and your best friend. From carefully curating a flawless menu everyone will appreciate to finding the right hashtag that is both clever and cute (and not too cheesy), your to-do list is practically a death sentence. Your Pinterest board is an online labyrinth with way too many alternate paths. And your idea binder? It’s ripping at the seams.

Wedding planning should be fun. You’ve been dreaming about it since the second your mother showed you her wedding dress, when you bought all the wedding magazines at the nearest drug store and piled them high beside your scissors and a scrapbook – the original Pinterest. At this point, you have the perfect partner, and you said “yes” to the dress. Put off the boring details for now. It’s time for the florals.

Turn your wedding into a fairytale with an impeccable assortment of floral arrangements. All your blossoming accessories (your bouquet, centerpieces, etc.) should match your newlywed style. But dressing your wedding venue in fresh buds you love that also coordinate with the theme of the season can be a challenge. That’s what we’re here for. As your botanic wedding planners, we have cultivated the ultimate list of wedding floral arrangements for every season.

Spring Wedding Flowers

You really can’t go wrong with any flowers in the springtime. “Wedding season” is replete with the most vibrant of blooms. Nature truly comes alive during this period, making it the easiest time to find the right buds for your event. Check out our list of popular flowers for your spring wedding.

Pretty pink peonies

  • Peonies: Peonies might just be the most on-trend flower of the moment for any season; however, the soft, precious blooms grow freshest in the spring, and the subtle colors look sweet and poised in any bouquet.
  • Sweet Pea: With its lovely, captivating scent, the sweet pea romanticizes any occasion.
  • Succulents: Succulents aren’t just for trendy home decorating. The low maintenance plants are also a sophisticated addition to a floral centerpiece.
  • Cornflower: A radiant cobalt hue, cornflowers aren’t your typical wedding flower. However, the unexpected “something blue” mixes well with ivory and peach for a powerful fashion-forward statement or beside shades of purple for a more feminine appeal.
  • Tulips: A symbol of deep, perfect love, tulips are a spring wedding classic. Their fully bloomed, bulb-like shape is a reminder of the beauty of closeness and intimacy.

Blue Hydrangeas for Spring Wedding

  • Hydrangea: Whimsical in appearance and intriguing in texture, the hydrangea will complement the other flowers in your bouquet and centerpieces alike.
  • Magnolia: The pure, rich petals and luxurious scent of the magnolia will instantly charm your guests and create a scene no one will forget.

Baby's Breath Bouquet

  • Baby’s Breath: Any floral arrangement could use a touch of baby’s breath. Dainty and sweet, innocent and pure, the flower could even be braided into your hair for an outdoor wedding.
  • Calla Lily: The calla lily will brighten up any room with its stark white hue. Considered pure and often associated with Christianity, the calla lily is a beautiful decoration for an alter at a church wedding.

Summer Wedding Flowers

There’s something about the sunny, warm weather season that calls for bright, youthful decorations and flowers that match.

Dahlias for Summer Wedding Florals

  • Dahlia: The Dahlia flower represents change and the merging of two lives into one. The perfect depiction of matrimony.
  • Orchid: Each orchid is lively and unique, just like the love you share with your soon-to-be spouse.
  • Daisy: “He loves me; he loves me not.” This time, you know the answer. Youthful and nostalgic, the flower is guaranteed to make you smile.
  • Poppy: Bright and bold, the poppy brings life to any room or outdoor venue. The petals can be added as a punch of color to your bouquet or centerpiece or can be a cheerful accessory in your bridesmaids’ hair.
  • Marigold: The marigold brings so much energy to your palette, whether you add it to your centerpieces or in flower pots placed beside each row of chairs.

Sunflower Wedding

  • Sunflower: A classic summer bloom, the sunflower is a symbol of loyalty, a reminder of the honesty and dependability in your relationship.
  • Lavender: Well known for its soothing scent, lavender actually helps ward off mosquitos – a natural bug-repellant for an outdoor wedding!
  • Phlox: Airy and light, the phlox represents the linking of two souls in harmony, an accurate depiction of the vows between newlyweds.
  • Daffodils: Daffodils are a happy, cheerful color as bright as the sun that will be radiating off your skin.

Plumeria Flower for Summer Wedding

  • Plumeria: The plumeria is a gorgeous choice for a destination wedding at the beach. Simple yet tropical, the flower is buttery in color and texture and is the perfect hair piece or focal point for a bouquet.

Fall Wedding Flowers

Fall wedding flowers are a little trickier than their spring and summer counterparts. You don’t want floral arrangements that are dark and gloomy, but you also want your palette to match the trends of the season. We have a few ideas we hope will inspire you.

Rich Chrysanthemums for Fall Wedding

  • Chrysanthemum: Just imagine being surrounded by a field of Chrysanthemums. Recreate that fascination with flower pots filled with the flower. The layered petals will bring life and texture to your autumn shades.
  • Rose: Of course, the rose, conceivably the most romantic of all flowers, can be used in any arrangement for any season. Opt for rich, bold hues and thorny stems for a ravishing, mystical utopia.
  • Craspedia: The pop of golden yellow can be spotted from the other end of your venue. Use craspedia flowers as a fun, vivacious contrast to your darker buds.
  • Foxglove: Surround your guests in an enchanting floral oasis with these vertical bunches.

Pretty Pansies for Fall

  • Pansy: Pansies come in so many different color combinations. Find the variety that best coordinates with your wedding palette.
  • Black-eyed Susan: Traipse through a meadow of wild black-eyed Susans when you place the flowers in pots, centerpieces, bouquets, and flower walls.

Dianthus Flower

  • Dianthus: The dianthus is a butterfly magnet – welcome the beautiful wedding crasher to your outdoor venue.
  • Astillbe: Foliage acts as the best accent to subdued autumn shades. The astillbe adds a wink of color and a touch of texture perfect for any fall centerpiece.
  • Celosia: The contrasting texture of the celosia will complement the rest of your flowers, while the warm hues are evocative of the season’s welcoming nature.

Winter Wedding Flowers

The magic in the air and the enchantment in your heart are undeniable in a winter wedding. Frosted with white and glowing with sparkle, a proper winter wedding is unbelievably dazzling. Choose the right flowers to reassert that feeling, that allure.

Blue Scilla for Winter Wedding

  • Scilla: Create your own winter wonderland when you pair this flower with a variety of white bulbs.
  • Pinecones: Despite its hard exterior, pinecones add a soft, rustic appeal to any floral centerpiece.
  • Winter Jasmine: When placed correctly, the golden winter jasmine looks like twinkling fairy lights. Breathtaking.

White Winter Wedding Flowers

  • Snowdrops: Snowdrops are not only beautiful and pure but, as a sign of hope, the flowers are a meaningful sentiment to a happy, healthy marriage.
  • Cyclamen: Cyclamen, breezy and graceful, indicate strong feelings that last and the truest affection.
  • Hellebore: The dark, silky petals are a flawless counterpart to golden accessories.
  • Winterberries: The perfect complement to a winter bouquet, these tiny fruits are a bright pop of color against a darker palette.

White Snapdragon Flower

  • Snapdragon: Known for its association with poise and grace, the snapdragon is supposed to repel evil spirits (future in-laws do not apply).
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