Vertical gardens: An unusual approach to hotel lobbies

Vertical gardens: An unusual approach to hotel lobbies

We recently learned that a certain hotel chain is now not just relying on vases of flowers in its lobbies—it’s building entire vertical gardens. We think that’s a great idea, and we wonder if those of you who are hotel owners or even have a business with a reception area could take something from that idea.

Beautiful flowers from daFloresWestin Hotels started its indoor vertical garden idea with the Gaslamp Quarter hotel in San Diego. So popular did the concept prove that now they’re going to do these gardens in all their hotels. The gardens are not just racks with pots of flowers; they’re wall-mounted plants and greenery.

The general concept is to create a soothing, relaxing area that recycles gray water, cleans the air and beautifies the area. These are all things that we’ve spoken about before. And the new design is certainly a look outside the box that guests appreciate.

DaFlores supplies flowers for businesses as well as individuals. You’ll be glad to know that we deliver to hotels and lobbies; if it’s got an address and is in our range, you can get flowers there. You can easily send flowers to Brazil with and to dozens of other countries accross the Americas, Europe and Asia.

If you’re thinking of putting some lovely flowers in your lobby, we have the expert team on hand to help you. Fiery reds and oranges will put some energy into a work area, and will also contrast delightfully with pale colors. Pale-colored flowers are more soothing and are great for healing spaces like doctors’ offices.

Think you can transform your space with a flower delivery? We at daFlores think you’re right. Just browse through our selection and take full advantage of our friendly bilingual team if you have questions. Westin had a pretty good idea and it just goes to show that flowers belong everywhere humans are.

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