Valentine’s Day Symbols

Valentine’s Day Symbols

Let’s take a look at some of the classic symbols of Valentine’s Day. The shops fill full of them from New Year’s onward, but have you ever thought of the meaning behind these Valentine’s Day items?


Everywhere you look are heart-shaped things. The boxes of chocolates and the candies themselves all bear this form. The ancients used to believe that the heart held all emotions, and even today we still ‘speak from the heart.’ DaFlores can add boxes of chocolates to your Valentine’s Day flowers, creating the perfect gift.


Cute little Cupid shoots off his bow, a cheeky little guy whose love knows no bounds. Like all the ancient tales his story can be a little dark, because love can cause as much heartache as it soothes. But we don’t need to worry about that on Valentine’s Day, as we enjoy all the best of the season. If Cupid’s got your heart and you don’t know what to say, don’t worry: a Valentine’s Day flower delivery from daFlores can say all you need.


Why chocolates? Why candy? Well, it’s sweet, of course. You want to give your sweetheart something special on Valentine’s Day. Trimmed to perfection in their blood-red boxes, these sweet confections tell you that the giver thinks you’re sweet. Several of daFlores’s Valentine’s Day flower arrangements already come with chocolates, but you can add them as options to many a fine gift.



Ancient and beautiful, the rose is an eternal symbol of love. Everyone from supermarkets to street vendors carry these amazing flowers. Choose red or pink, depending on what you want to say. A single red rose or an armful are all yours for the giving at

Red and Pink

Red, so deep and mysterious, is the color of blood (and Valentine’s Day). Red is for passion, and love, and the heart. Pink is a gentler shade, but equally welcome. That’s why everything on Valentine’s Day are in shades of red and pink. For your Valentine’s Day flower delivery, we can arrange red roses and all sorts of pink and red delights for your beloved recipient.


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