Valentine’s Day is just around the corner

Psst…forget something? The next-but-one Monday is Valentine’s Day. This means that you still have plenty of time to order Valentine’s Day flowers or gifts but time is running out. Fortunately, we make ordering incredibly easy for you. Just wander up to the website, pick your language and country, then browse to our Valentine’s Day section.

Valentine's Day Flowers

Valentine's Day Flowers

There, you’ll find a wonderful array of gorgeous red roses, fresh from the garden, along with gifts that you may add. Some of our gifts are combinations: take a look at our 18 red roses with chocolates and teddy bear, for example. Who wouldn’t love such a classic and cute combination on Valentine’s Day? But you can also add extras to any bouquet: these extras include plush toys, chocolates and delicious, crisp wine.

Everyone deserves special recognition on Valentine’s Day. Not only is it one of the most romantic days of the year, it’s a day for expressing love of all kinds. Send some pink roses or lilies to mom, or a big, sunny bouquet of tropical flowers to your best friend. They’ll know what you’re trying to say and appreciate it.

Our Valentine’s Day flowers are guaranteed to stay fresh for a week and, with care, can last  longer. All our florists use blossoms that were growing that very morning. But the warm, fuzzy feeling of being loved, acknowledged and thanked lasts much, much longer, remaining after the last chocolate is eaten and the last sip of wine enjoyed.

This message has been brought to you through your friendly local daFlores blog (and partner florists, who can’t wait to lovingly craft your gift of love, a Valentine’s Day bouquet). We can send Valentine’s Day flowers to dozens of countries in the Americas, Asia and Europe. Order by noon local time and, in most cases, you can still get same-day delivery of your Valentine’s Day flowers. To send flowers to Dominican Republic or any other country in  the Americas please visit

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