Valentine’s Day in China is the Night of Sevens and Skills

Valentine’s Day in China is the Night of Sevens and Skills

August 23 is Valentine’s Day in China. This special occasion is unique among all the Valentine’s Days we at service because it relies on the Chinese lunar calendar. Specifically, Valentine’s Day in China is the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, which in 2012 falls on August 23.

Send roses to your loved onesIf you’re a long way from your beloved on Valentine’s Day you can send beautiful flowers to China online and make your loved one’s day. But we suggest that you don’t wait any longer as, between time zones and the business of florists, you need to get your order in now to send flowers for Chinese Valentine’s Day. That way our florists still have time to create your order in just the way you imagined it.

Known as Qixi Festival or Festival of Sevens in China, it’s normal to send flowers and give gifts like cute figurines on this romantic holiday. You’ll notice that our website can be translated into Mandarin to make ordering easier and to get you on your way to beautiful roses and bouquets for Chinese Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to add on extra gifts like chocolates to impress your loved one even more.

But Qixi Festival isn’t quite the same as our “regular” Valentine’s Days. Young girls actually hold displays in which they show off their home-making skills to prospective husbands. Newly-weds make offerings of food and face powder. This tradition dates back hundreds of years to the Han Dynasty and is interesting as a glimpse at history too.

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