Valentine’s Day for married couples

Valentine’s Day for married couples

Who says that marriage turns out the light? Only if you let it. Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to celebrate a long-lasting romance. Many mutter that you don’t need a special day to celebrate romance, and in part that’s true. But there’s something special about coasting on the wave of love for Valentine’s Day and really, what’s the harm?


None at all, say we. Set the scene with a Valentine’s Day flower delivery, either to home or work. Even the men in your life might appreciate a floral gift, and daFlores has tasteful Valentine’s Day flower arrangements that are perfect for a man.

Go out to dinner, or have dinner at home. Valentine’s Day flowers make the house smell sweet and add a truly beautiful centerpiece. There’s a lot to say for setting the scene and turning an ordinary day into something special. Start a tradition with a flower subscriptions—we’ll send you flowers for a year. (Where available.) Valentine’s Day can be a reaffirmation of love, the start or end of a lovely twelve months.

Whether you get in a delivery or cook something spectacular, a Valentine’s Day meal at home is great. Ship the kids off to a grandparent, and spend the time alone. Too often couples get wrapped up in their kids’ needs, and forget about time for themselves. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to do that and go to town.

Another suggestion? Pick out a hotel and book the Valentine’s Day deal. Usually extras like chocolates and roses can make the event something else. Pretend you’re right back at the start, dating and freshly in love. It’s amazing what a little time spent together can do, and it sets you up for the year ahead.

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