Valentine’s Day for Kids

The high romance status of Valentine’s Day is a given, but we think that Valentine’s Day is for everyone. The holiday can also be a bit of fun for the kids, allowing them to express friendship with a cheerful card. Look in dollar stores and department stores and you’ll find plenty of  Valentine’s Day cards for your kids to send.

Valentine's Day for Kids

Valentine's Day for Kids

Some schools create a “mailbox” for holiday cards. Kids “mail” the cards with a name and school class and volunteers figure out what goes where and deliver the greetings. This is an especially fun activity for younger school kids. It can be combined with lessons in giving and friendship.

You can use Valentine’s Day as a way to teach appreciation, too. Consider spearheading a parents’ initiative to send teachers a Valentine’s Day bouquet. DaFlores can make the arrangements; just visit our website and pick your bouquet.

While we at daFlores have a wide selection of traditional and really quite gorgeous Valentine’s Day bouquets, this is one occasion where you might want to pick out a pink, yellow or white rose arrangement to send a message of friendship and appreciation. And, for the men, we have tasteful tropical arrangements or bottles of wine that are perfectly appropriate.

You could also arrange a Valentine’s Day party. Children love bright colors, so sunflowers and gerbera daisies would be great flowers for a decorative centerpiece. Introduce the kids to beauty and let them have fun with the holiday. There are so many things in life that are serious, it’s good to show that some of them, while they do have a serious side, don’t have to be the be-all and end-all of everything.

Use the party to do crafts, eat red foods (pizza springs to mind) and maybe play a game or two. Don’t forget the chocolates. You’ll find all the supplies you need on sale if you start looking now. Use Valentine’s Day to have a bit of fun and daFlores will do the rest with our beautiful Valentine’s Day bouquets, centerpieces, and gifts. To send flowers to Bogota or any other city in Latin America please visit

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