Only a few days left for Valentine’s Day flowers

Only a few days left for Valentine’s Day flowers

It’s not that Valentine’s Day can’t be any day you choose. It can, of course. It’s just that Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. You heard us! Valentine’s Day is sneakily located next Monday, on the 14th of February. (It was that date last year, as well. How about that?)

That leaves you only a few more days to organize the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise.

Whether you just started dating and want to impress someone, or whether you’ve decided that spontaneity is better than planning, we at can help. Our team of expert, local florists is on hand and ready to lovingly assemble the best flowers you’ll ever see. And they’re all delivered right to the door. How cool is that?

First, a reminder why ordering from daFlores is the best. We never recycle flowers. If they weren’t planted the morning the bouquet is crafted, we don’t use them. That’s one of the rules for all our florists. But that’s ok. They’ve all been in business so long and love making Valentine’s Day flower arrangements so much that they wouldn’t dream of recycling or cutting corners in any case. It’s a matter of pride!

To order Valentine’s Day flowers from daFlores and to send them to dozens of  countries, first visit and set your language. We’ve translated into lots of different languages for your convenience. Then pick the country where your flowers will be delivered. You’ll see a selection of beautiful Valentine’s Day, all fitted out with ribbons or vases or elegant boxes. Pick the one you want, fill out the details and supply a credit card number. Easy!

We’ll take good care of your Valentine’s Day flower delivery. Our team will create the freshest, most fragrant and gorgeous and delightful flowers your loved ones have ever seen. They will go right to the doorstep. You can add extras like a vase, chocolates, wine, sweet plush toys or balloons – whatever you want. Or you can take advantage of some of our classic combinations.

Whether you want to send a hundred red roses or know your sweetheart would prefer sunny sunflowers, we can do that for you. Just, please, don’t forget that the clock really is ticking and  if you wait much longer, it will be too late to send anything but symbolic Valentine’s Day flowers.

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