Valentine’s Day Flowers for Men

Valentine’s Day Flowers for Men

Who’s to say that the ladies should have all the fun on that most romantic of holidays, Valentine’s Day? daFlores has dozens of Valentine’s Day flowers that would look absolutely wonderful on his dining room table.


You can always start with orchids and tropical flowers. Our arrangements are classy and stylish. Neither too fussy, these amazing blossoms add a splash of color to his special day. Send Valentine’s Day flowers to the man in your life, and he’s sure to be impressed at your thoughtfulness.

Then of course there’s the classic rose, a traditional choice that’s just fine for a guy. Much more than a simple blossom, these blood-red flowers come straight from the heart and represent a deep, abiding love. At daFlores we have everything from a simple spray to a vast armful of amazing red roses. There is nothing better than a rose on Valentine’s Day, and at daFlores we have what you need.

Lots of other options exist for Valentine’s Day flowers. We have cheerful sunflowers in tasteful crystal vases. You can add special gifts like a bottle of wine, or even chocolates and fruit. You know your man best and you know what he likes. Just pick out your choices and we’ll take care of the rest.

Let’s face it—you can be like everyone else, or you can think outside the box. Send him his flowers and see what he thinks. For a classic and exciting twist to Valentine’s Day, your man will love his flowers. And because this is daFlores we’re talking about, he’ll only be getting the best and brightest of what’s around.

Why? Because we refuse to work with a network florist unless they’ve been in business at least ten years. They must pass quality checks and use fresh flowers each morning. When you send your man his Valentine’s Day flowers, he’ll be absolutely amazed at how gorgeous they are.

And then, of course, he’ll tell you how gorgeous you are…

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