Valentine’s Day Flower and Chocolate Pairings

Valentine’s Day Flower and Chocolate Pairings

The Chocolate Pairing Guide You Need this Valentine’s Day

Obviously, neither chocolate nor a bouquet of flowers is exactly a unique Valentine’s Day gift. And, together, they might feel a bit cliché. All you’re missing is a stuffed teddy bear and a handwritten love poem. However, by putting thought into your gift, you can completely change your partner’s perception. Pair his or her favorite chocolate with a flower that best complements the personality of the sweet (and your sweetie).

A Tasty Analysis: Pairing Chocolate and Flowers by Symbolic Association

Most flowers represent a certain virtue, temperament, or personality, forever judged by a historical reference, association of color, or otherwise. Varieties of chocolate, on the other hand, do not necessarily hold official connotations. Nonetheless, we have assigned completely our own interpretations based on our personal experiences with the sweet treats so you can easily find your match.

  • Dark Chocolate: The yoga mom of chocolates, dark chocolate is for those who live a health-conscious lifestyle, have the most sophisticated palette, and never over-indulge. Pair that dark chocolate with an equally distinguished flower choice. The peony is just as on-trend as his or her latest dietary restriction or exercise obsession. Slightly pricier than your local drug store’s collection but well worth it.
  • White Chocolate: A “chocolate derivative,” otherwise known as faux chocolate, the white variety contains cocoa butter but no other part of the cocoa bean. If this exceedingly sugary chocolate was a person, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear phrases like “bless your heart” or “well, aren’t you just a peach” come out of its mouth. Give your southern belle honeysuckle to complement her sweet demeanor.
  • Milk Chocolate: Arguably the most basic of chocolates, milk chocolate is the type of sweet you get your latest Tinder date. You can’t go wrong with America’s favorite (potential allergies aside). Pair your safe chocolate choice with a carnation to represent your young, blooming love.
  • Truffles: Those who prefer truffles can be more impulsive. Your Valentine’s Day could end up anywhere – the dive restaurant for greasy burgers is just as likely as the nicest steakhouse in town. With truffles, you never know what you are going to get, but each piece is a one-of-a-kind. Similarly, orchids come in over 1,000 varieties. Each is so different, and so unexpected.
  • Semi-Sweet Chocolate: Most likely, you don’t know anyone who craves semi-sweet chocolate on a regular basis. However, when combined with butter, flour, sugar, and a dash of vanilla, the chocolate is just one of a few key ingredients for the ultimate Galentine’s Day sleepover. Just add Friend’s re-runs, fuzzy socks, a couple oversized sweatshirts, and, of course, a bottle of wine (or two). Balance out the sugar-filled night with the calming scent of lavendar.
  • Chocolate with Nuts: You need some crunch in your life. The most passionate of relationships, those that go from ALL CAPS conversations to heart eye emojis in a matter of seconds, aren’t smooth and well-blended but, rather, exciting and surprising. A symbol of passion and trust, the iris is the ideal counterpart.
  • Chocolate Liqueur: Classy and intoxicating, chocolate liqueur is the best option for a night of romance. A single rose bud is seductive enough to get the message across.
  • Molten Lava Cake: Your valentine is a little extra. He or she doesn’t mind getting messy, especially if your plans for the night include nothing but snuggles and movies on the couch. Make a statement as bold as your cutie with a bouquet of chrysanthemums.
  • Homemade Fudge: An unconventional form of chocolate, fudge is for those who think Valentine’s Day is just a marketing tool that makes big companies way too much money. Find homemade goodies from a local chocolate shop. Your partner will appreciate your support of small businesses. Swap out traditional floral arrangements with succulents.
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries: A kid at heart, your bae wants flowers that are just as bright and sunny as his or her outlook on life. Present your chocolate covered fruit with a handful of sunflowers.

Sending flowers to your international valentine? Surprise her with a gorgeous bouquet she will love – and bring the chocolates with you for your next visit.

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