San Francisco underwater gardens

San Francisco underwater gardens

Here’s something we don’t come across too often: underwater gardening. A new exhibition at San Francisco’s Conservatory of Flowers is seeking to change that with an entire garden that’s underwater. Sure, we’ve all seen a water lily or two, but we’re talking a carefully curated vision with water, plants, rocks and fish. Read on to find out more.

Happy ThanksgivingThe exhibition, called “Aquascapes: The Art of Underwater Gardening,” runs Tuesday through Sunday until April, so you have plenty of time to visit. Twelve large tanks have been set up, each with a theme—a forest, a valley, or just plain art. Others use materials from continents such as Africa and Asia to bring those places to life.

This form of gardening—aquascaping–is most popular in areas where it’s not possible to garden outdoors. It was pioneered by the Dutch in the 1930s, and the Japanese took to it like duck to water Visitors can, of course, get some good ideas while browsing through the conservatory.

Tropical flowers are used most often in the tanks, and the landscape is built up with rocks, wood, and rocky soil. The landscapes are fairly shallow, to accommodate frequent water changes that keep the fish and plants healthy. It’s a painstaking process that results in something truly unusual and lovely.

Tickets range from $3 to $8, so by city standards, they’re modest. We think this would be well worth a look, because the tank landscapes are just plain beautiful. The Conservatory is in Golden Gate Park. If you’re going, let us know what you think!

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