Boston Flower Exchange may be sold

Boston Flower Exchange may be sold

Flowers have a lot of value. For most, that value comes in the delight of their colors, aromas and receiving a giant, beautifully crafted armful of blossoms at the door. For others, that value has a whole different meaning. An unknown bidder recently offered $35 million for the Boston Flower Exchange.

Multicolor Bouquet from daFloresVendors are concerned that they’ll be ousted from their New England flower market, which has been continually operated for well over a century. A collective of growers founded the exchange in 1909, wanting a central place to sell their bright and beautiful offerings.

This is not a done deal. There is to be a meeting, including all 200 vendors, in October to vote on the buy-out. Since the flower vendors don’t know whether their fate means their business place will be closed, that could be a harder prospect.

The problem is that the historic neighborhood is under pressure from modern development. Big box stores are springing up everywhere. It would be sad if this historic location would fall afoul of “development.”

We’re protective of our flowers, here at daFlores. We know they bring income to families and we know they bring joy to your loved ones. Looking at the whole story is important to us. This is why we buy only the freshest flowers and work only with the best. We look after our own so that we can bring you the best.

We hope that, whatever else happens in Boston, the flower market will continue, locals will be able to enjoy the experience of a business started in the last century, and that tradition will count for something. Until then, the owners are already looking for another home—just in case.

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