Towers of flowers with daFlores

Towers of flowers with daFlores

You’ve heard of towers of treats, haven’t you? We even offer a few variants on that, mostly in the form of gift baskets and sets. But we’re talking about those gift-wrapped stacks of boxes, all tied with a beautiful bow, that make you go “wow” when you see them. Well, there’s a gentleman we just found out about who made something like that—with flowers.

Tropical flowers and wine arrangementA retired steel worker in England has put his lifetime of skills to the test and built a 26-foot, white metal tower in his yard. It looks a little like the Eiffel Tower (or the Blackpool Tower, if you’re familiar with it). The open-plan tower is now filled with planters. A hundred and twenty-eight of them, to be precise.

You can climb the tower, which took three months to construct. Mr. Hayes wanted it to reach 40 feet, but his wife was having none of that. The flowery piece of engineering consists of several sections welded together, then bound to a wall for stability. It takes about three hours a week to maintain the flowers, so that’s not too bad.

And all the materials are recycled from his part-time job as an office furniture salesman. He found himself with a bunch of struts left over, and the rest, as they say, is history. Mr. Harris, an immigrant, is largely self-taught and says he, his wife and his neighbors adore the tower of flowers.

We can’t quite produce a tower of flowers for you, but daFlores has several towering flower arrangements that will do the trick and make friends and famiy go “Wow.” Our Exotic Flowers arrangement, available in select countries, is one fiery way to make an impression. Bright colors and striking foliage combine to greet and impress your loved ones!

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