Nepal flower festivals

Nepal flower festivals

Flower festivals are truly a worldwide thing. This time, we’ve found one in Kathmandu, Nepal, which starts next week. The Floriculture Association of Nepal—very appropriately called FAN—is going to be organizing a flower exhibition timed to match the Hindu Tihar festival.

Beautiful mixed bouquetsIt’s a clever move. Demand for flowers grows at the time of the festival, so the “Godawari Mela” lets the group showcase what it can do. The four-day event takes place at the central football stadium and is now in its seventh year.

Around 20,000 visitors are expected with over 300 sellers. The event promotes floriculture in Nepal, and also provides people an opportunity to buy chrysanthemums, globe amaranth, marigolds and more for the festival proper.

You can even get roses here—how interesting it is that the same flowers we use over here are popular halfway around the world, too!

During the Tihar festival, families decorate their houses with flowers and lights. This Hindu festival of lights honors the gods, humans, and also animals that share their lives closely with humans—dogs, pigs and cattle. It is not uncommon to make patterns on the floor out of petals or colored sand.

Other observances in the five-day Tihar festival include a day where brothers and sisters anoint one another with oil, cementing a close relationship at the same time. Those without siblings celebrate with cousins. In the Hindu year, this is one of the more important festivals, as it celebrates so many different aspects of life.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into another culture and a different look at life with flowers. While daFlores does not serve Nepal with flower delivery, we do deliver flowers in numerous countries, and are on hand to create beautiful hand-crafted bouquets for your overseas Tihar festival. No matter why you need flowers, we will provide the freshest, most beautiful bouquets to delight you at the doorstep.

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