The Power of Flowers

The Power of Flowers

It’s been scientifically proven that flowers brighten up a person’s day. There’s just something about their natural beauty that uplifts and inspires. People who set up flowers in their bedroom or kitchen—the places you’ll visit first thing in the morning—report feeling less stressed out as they go to work or launch into their days.

Then there’s the psychological effect of having somebody send you flowers. It lets you know that they care about you and this can cheer you up no end. People who receive flowers in hospital or when they’re sick get the same benefits: Having something beautiful to look at along with the sense that someone is on their side speeds up healing.

In Minneapolis, there’s a Center for Victims of Torture that has at its heart a beautiful garden. The victims work and meditate in the garden and it gives them a focus and way to heal. The staff, who’ve been listening to horrific stories, go there to contemplate and unwind. Many of them end up being gardeners themselves, digging their unhappiness into the earth which can absorb and neutralize it. The cycle of flowers peeking up from the earth, rising from the dark, is deeply symbolic of the process of healing.

The different colors of flowers also have specific effects. Bright yellow can help you clear your mind and revive from burnout. Restful green helps you to relax, unwind and regain your balance. Blue, also, is a color of relaxation and peace, and can help you find the right words as well as learn.

Aromatherapy is a popular art and the scent of flowers helps too. Lavender is a relaxant and calms you down. Mint is refreshing and clean. Look into essential oils made from flowers to create a certain atmosphere in your home. Even the tiniest amount can make a huge difference to the emotional weather of your space. To send flowers to Bogota, Caracas, Lima, Buenos Aires or any other city in the Americas please visit us at

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