The Meaning of Yellow Roses

The Meaning of Yellow Roses

The History and Meaning of Yellow Roses by

Yellow roses don’t usually occur naturally in nature, though a few varieties of the wild five-petaled rose do indeed show yellow. Because one did, a rose breeder was able to create yellow roses as we know them today.

The first yellow roses

Joseph Permet-Ducher of France had been trying to create a yellow rose for about two decades, following on from other rose experts of the late 1800s. He didn’t have any luck. Then, one day, he discovered a mutation in a field and started experimenting. In 1900, his introduction of Soleil d’Or (golden sun) launched a whole new set of colors. At first, they didn’t smell so great, but further crossing and refinement resulted in varieties that do smell just as gorgeous as your pink, red and white roses.

Victorians and the yellow rose

Yellow roses, thanks to their color, are associated with the sun. This in turn has led them to be associated with the “sunny” emotions of friendship and non-romantic affection. However, it was not always thus. The Victorians, ever-noted for their complex use of the “language of flowers,” associated pale yellow with pale, non-sturdy friendship. Perhaps they were associating it with the yellow of cowardice, too? Only in later years has the yellow rose shed that meaning and moved back to its warmer sense.

The Yellow Rose of Texas

The Yellow Rose of Texas is a folk song that tells the story of slave Emily West, who helped win the Battle of San Jacinto, the deciding battle of the Texas revolution. A modified version was popular during the Civil War. According to The Dallas News, historians searched to see if there were actually a real yellow rose associated with this song. They think it might have been Harison’s Yellow, an old-fashioned rose and natural hybrid that blooms for only a few weeks every year.

Sending messages with yellow roses

There is no romance conveyed with a yellow rose. It is a perfect expression of friendship, appreciation and caring. Yellow roses make good graduation gifts, thank-you gifts and cheer-up gifts. Any time you have a celebration, the yellow rose can brighten up the world. Because spring brings up yellow flowers like daffodils, they’re also lovely as part of a spring wedding bouquet.

The paler yellow cousins of yellow roses express peace and calm and are just fine in a sick room or the room of a student trying to study for exams. There’s even a variety called Peace. If you’re in a committed relationship, you can tell your sweetheart of your contentment with such pale yellow roses. Or, if you need to apologize, another meaning of yellow roses is of renewal, and a sense of starting over—rather like the sun every morning, in fact. To send flowers to Bogota or any other city in South America, please visit

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