The Meaning of White Roses

The Meaning of White Roses

History and Meaning of White Roses

While pink roses were the most commonly-found in nature, white roses are also among the earliest roses known to humanity. These five-petaled roses were pure in their simplicity but have been hybridized and developed into numerous styles. Tea roses, climbing roses, variegated roses and more all bear those heart-achingly beautiful white petals.

White Roses
White Roses

White roses and marriage

A bride wears a white dress, and carries white roses for purity. Flower girls carry them and may even scatter their petals as a sign of innocence and delight. There’s something exquisite in the form of a white rose, perfect in its simplicity and gorgeousness. If the younger members of your wedding party use rosebuds, it’s a tacit acknowledgment that they’re still much too young for romance.

Red and white

Red and white together can mean unity. Perhaps this started with the Wars of the Roses, when the Houses of Lancaster and York, bearing red and white roses as their symbols, ended a vicious civil war by a unifying marriage. The Tudor rose of Henry VIII was ultimately born, a symbol that combines both roses. But in some colors, red and white is a color for death: It’s used to denote purity and blood in a funeral bouquet.

Early white roses

Rosa alba means, quite literally, “white rose.” It is one of the earliest ancestors of the modern rose. It has an exquisite aroma and predates the time when scent was sacrificed for size. The perfume ingredient, attar of roses, was distilled from this type of flower. Musk rose, also heavily scented, is another traditional white variety.

As modern gardeners started to wield their rose magic, new varieties cropped up. They’re now considered old-fashioned! Examples include the damask rose, Madam Hardy (1832) and Shailer’s White Moss (1790). Now, you can buy containers of miniature white roses at any garden center.

When to send a white rose

Present a single white rose to express admiration and devotion. A bouquet conveys the message that your loved one is heavenly. It also conveys humility, reverence and innocence. And if you need to make a new beginning, the white rose is a perfect way to express that need.

Since white roses also have an additional meaning of honor and respect, they may be used as a symbol of remembrance. It’s perfectly appropriate to place white roses at the grave of a dearly departed family member, for example, or to use them in funerary flower arrangements. To send flowers to Colombia or any other country in the Americas please visit

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