Do you have your Thanksgiving flowers yet?

Do you have your Thanksgiving flowers yet?

Thanksgiving 2013 is almost upon us, and daFlores has opened its special holiday flowers stores across the site. If you need special flowers this Thanksgiving, please accept this PSA in the spirit it was intended and order now. Wednesday is the last day for delivery of Thanksgiving flowers, and you need to get your order in now to avoid disappointment. If you get your order in this weekend, our florists have time to get in the supplies they need and create your beautiful Thanksgiving flowers.

Tropical flowers and fruitTo take care of business, just wander along to our flower delivery website, and pick the country and language you need to use. (We’ve translated the site into several languages for your convenience, and we also have 24-hour, bilingual customer service by phone and online.)

Our best holiday selections are in the “Christmas Collection 2013” area; look for a button in the top left-hand corner of the site. Of course, you’re not restricted to those; feel free to make selections from any of our flowers.

Once you’re there, start browsing for the perfect holiday flower arrangement. Don’t forget, you can order ahead for your Christmas flowers, so consider taking care of that at the same time as you order Thanksgiving flowers. You can customize your order with special gifts such as chocolate, wine and balloons,

You can use holiday flowers to decorate tables, welcome your guests, and just bring cheer and beauty to your house at this special time of year. Thanksgiving flowers are also a perfect way to send a gift to anyone you love, want to show gratitude to, or who has “everything.” There’s nothing so amazing as a delivery of fresh flowers to your door, and that’s what we do best. Just please, don’t delay and order your Thanksgiving flower delivery now.

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