valentine’s day

Last-minute Valentine’s Day stories to warm your heart

As it’s now just one day until Valentine’s Day, we can only hope that you’ve made all your arrangements and that flowers will be arriving on your sweetie’s doorstep. We’ll complete our Valentine’s Day story series today with a collection of heart-warming stories from around the world. Take a read, have a smile, and be glad the big day will soon be here. Continue reading

Celebrate love this Valentine’s Day with these 3 extra-romantic movies

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and hopefully by now you’ve made all your arrangements and can sit back and relax, ready for the big day on Thursday. Maybe you’ll be relaxing with a good movie on Thursday, so we’ve rounded up a few unconventional romantic movies that will warm your heart when you watch them together. All three of these movies have humor and deep feeling in common, and are absolutely worth your time. Continue reading

Secrets for a wonderful Valentine’s Day for singles

Not everyone is able celebrate Valentine’s Day with a loved one. We don’t mean those of you who are unfortunately physically far away from your sweethearts; we mean those of you who are single. Some have taken to calling February 14 “SAD” or “Singles’ Awareness Day,” but you don’t have to be sad or to hide away from all the roses and red gifts on this day. Instead, you can pamper yourself and craft the day to your own requirements; the secret is in your attitude towards the day. Continue reading

9 quick Valentine’s Day ideas for all the family

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for sweethearts. It’s for friends, spouses, family members and children, too. Even if you aren’t having a fabulously romantic day with your loved one, there are other ways to celebrate the occasion in a loving and fun way. Have a quick look through our list of nine easy ideas to see how you can make this Valentine’s Day extra-special. Continue reading

Make music for Valentine’s Day

How about a musical Valentine’s Day? Your beloved’s voice might be music to your ears, but you can also bring music to his or her ears with a musical date. Look around your local entertainments listings (often, you can pick up a free magazine near supermarkets that lists things to do). Some of these events are free, while others require tickets with which you can surprise your sweetie this February 14th. Continue reading

Thinking about Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is now less than six weeks away, which means it’s time to prepare to treat the love of your life. Six whole weeks means you still have plenty of time, but life’s going to take over and those weeks will vanish in a hurry. Sit down for a moment and take a look at some of the things you should be doing now if you want the day to be special. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day feast ideas for your sweetheart

By now it’s almost too late to order Valentine’s Day flowers and may be too late to get a reservation at your favorite restaurant. But never fear: There’s still plenty of scope for a romantic Valentine’s Day evening at home. If you haven’t made all your plans, here are some ideas for a sweet Valentine’s Day feast at home. Continue reading