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Beer and chocolate, a Valentine’s Day marriage made in heaven?

Let’s step back a moment to our series about Valentine’s Day celebrations, and talk about chocolate beer.

No, really; chocolate beer.

Valentine's Day gift baskets

If you're short on ideas for what to send this Valentine's Day, a gift basket makes for a wonderful night in.

Kansas City, Missouri recently went crazy for a new beer, Boulevard Chocolate Ale. It ran out just as soon as stores got it in. There must be some kind of a beer grapevine in the city, because that magical beer was harder to come by than snow in a Florida July. You can just imagine what was going through everyone’s minds: “Wow, my boyfriend would really love that. Well, maybe I would really love that, too.”

The special beer was (is?) produced by Boulevard Brewing Company in conjunction with Christopher Elbow, fine purveyor of chocolates. In the end, shops had to put limits on per-person sales and the marriage of fine chocolates and fine brew couldn’t happen fast enough.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you go to Kansas City to pick up your chocolate brew. Actually, if you look around, you can find a few companies that make a version (it’s quite nice, actually). At this time of year, you might be out of luck—sort of like leaving your Valentine’s Day purchasing to the last minute. But you know, you can always pick up a nice case of local beer and pair it with some chocolates.

We at daFlores are not fine purveyors of beer, though we do have some other gifts and solutions. You can also always pair a bouquet with chocolates and wine, for example, for a different take on the Valentine’s Day question.

Just like the chocolate beer of Kansas City, it’s getting late in the day and supply can’t always meet demand. Order in the next couple of days, though, and daFlores’ expert florists will move heaven and earth to get you your flowers for Valentine’s Day. And when they come, they’ll be every bit as satisfying, fresh and wonderful as you’d expect from

New London Shows The Love For Coast Guard Personnel This Valentine’s Day

The City of New London, Connecticut is doing something special for the Coast Guard this year, and is using Valentine’s Day to create a true show of gratitude and affection for the guardians of the sea. Taking a wider view of Valentine’s Day than as a romantic holiday, the city thinks this holiday is a grand way to show organizations and people what they mean to us.

Valentine's Day gifts

Send a gift, show Valentine's Day appreciation

In the weeks up to Valentine’s Day, residents in New London will be dropping off appreciative cards and messages, and students at local public schools will also write their good wishes in class. The cards will be delivered to a local coast guard station, and there’ll be a Valentine’s Day event at Union Station, which hopes to be the future site of a Coast Guard museum. Other initiatives include selling “I <B Coast Guard” arm-bands and stickers, interviews and news pieces on local stations, and a special Facebook page.

The Coast Guard station presence in New London was first established in 1910, so there really are long-standing ties. Trainees are put through their paces in this area, too. But what is going on at this site gave us at a few ideas. What can you do to support the people and organizations that you appreciate, both at home and overseas?

Valentine’s Day can be a time to pull together and create special events for the institutions you like, from museums to teachers to friends. You can use to send gorgeous flowers and gifts overseas, but we also believe that a strong community is one of the many ways to happiness and stability. Even if you can’t pull something together this year, could your community do something next year, on a small or even a grand scale?

Ask yourself: Whom do you appreciate this Valentine’s Day, and what can you do for them?

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

product_big_0046It’s Valentine’s Day and you need to pick out the perfect gift for your beloved. We at daFlores have a bunch of ideas, if you’ll pardon the pun! A classic gift is always Valentine’s Day roses, and we have those ranging from the simplest, subtle spray to an armful of a hundred red roses.

Valentine’s Day roses are blood-red to match the color of your heart. She won’t miss the symbolism and this is a gift to be admired. Leave her in no doubt as to your intention with these wonderful flowers. You can even add on extras to your Valentine’s Day roses, customizing the gift in all her favorite ways.

Try a bottle of wine, some delicious fruit or a sweet teddy bear. You know your sweetheart the best, so you know which ones will really rock her socks. Of course, we have other delivery options too—what about a pampering spa gift basket or a gift basket full of delicious gourmet goodies?

daFlores has the best Valentine’s Day roses you could hope to find. Always perfectly fresh, we work only with florists who promise new flowers every morning. No recycling for us! And because they’ve been in business a good ten years, their experience and craftsmanship is second to none. We want you to be happy with your Valentine’s Day flowers and guarantee that your beloved will enjoy them for a full week after the event.

You can buy her some perfume, or an interesting book. Wrapped in sweet red paper, almost anything is a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift. Take her to dinner, or cook her a special candlelit meal. But you really can’t beat a bouquet of Valentine’s Day roses, delivered right to her door. As the centerpiece to a wonderful romantic day, Valentine’s Day roses are the perfect finishing touch.