summer flowers

Labor Day: Last chance for summer flowers?

In the United States, summer is neatly sandwiched between two public holidays—Memorial Day in May, and Labor Day in September. In the center is the Fourth of July, and the whole season is dedicated to barbecues, outdoor adventures, and freedom from school. Now, at this time of year, the kids are either back at school or soon will be, and the summer season is drawing to a close with Labor Day coming up on September 1st. Continue reading

Summer alpine flowers

Do you live near the mountains of New England, specifically New Hampshire, which is now in its brief but heady summer? One article we found suggests getting out of the house some weekend soon to check out the alpine flowers. The reason is that particular conditions last winter have resulted in a particularly good showing. Read on, and we’ll explain. Continue reading

Texas farmer makes everyone happy with a field of sunflowers

When we heard about a farmer in Texas who didn’t have to grow sunflowers, but did anyway, we knew we had to share the story with our readers. Lindy Murff, who normally grows grass for feed, had been left with a barren field that wasn’t much good for anything other than dust. Instead of letting it continue to be ugly, he took a look around his house and came up with an idea. Continue reading

State flowers: Arkansas uses apple blossom for its state flowers

Since 1901, the state of Arkansas has considered apple blossom to be its state flower. This unusual choice will never find its way into flower bouquets, but it does say something about Arkansas history. While your mind might wander to the Pacific Northwest when it thinks of apples, in past times, Arkansas was a major producer of apples and even today has an Arkansas apple festival. The mountainous regions where the temperatures fall enough for these fruit were an ideal spot for growing. Continue reading

When a flower is too fiery: An amusing tale from Iowa

We have an interesting and unusual flower story for you coming right out of Iowa. We didn’t know it was possible for a flower to get too hot, but a homeowner out in the Des Moines area found out otherwise when a man’s flower pot spontaneously combusted. Everyone got out of the house safely and the flaming flower was put out–but not before causing a large amount of Continue reading

A lesson from the tulip industry: Flowers are more popular than ever before

If you ever wanted proof that flowers were popular, look to the stock market and financial news. It’s not every day that stories about flowers pops into the news, but we found one about tulips this morning and thought you’d find it interesting. In the United Kingdom and Germany, exports of tulips from the Netherlands went up a full six percent. This more than made up for Continue reading

Sunflowers on Sunday: How one small town celebrates sunflowers

In honor of Sunday, we have a nice story about sunflowers and Chesterfield Township in Michigan. The township has just chosen sunflowers as its official flowers. The local government asked kids to submit essays about which flower should be the emblem, and the winning essay was all about sunflowers which are bright, cheerful, and look like the sun. Continue reading