Celebrate Fall with Beautiful Flowers

It’s sometimes hard to let go of the summer, with its bright colors and warm, relaxing weather. But the Fall has its charms too, in the gorgeous shades of falling leaves, the golds and oranges that usher in winter holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just round the corner, but if you’re feeling a bit blue, why not celebrate the season with beautiful flowers?

The official start of Fall is September 21, but nature doesn’t listen to humanity’s “official” dates. Any time the weather is getting colder and your thoughts turn to warm drinks, you can consider it Fall.

There are two approaches you can take when adding fall flowers to your home: Either bring Fall in and welcome it, or stave it off a little longer with some brighter colors.

Golds, yellows, oranges and bronzes are your traditional fall colors, echoing what’s going on indoors. Set against a warming candle or next to a carved pumpkin, fall-themed flowers from daFlores add natural cheer. Just the act of receiving a delightful decoration will make your loved ones smile. Look to orange roses, sunflowers and our special Fall arrangements for this gift.

But if you want to brighten up the cold, then try something different. We still have sunflowers, lilies, fiery tropical flowers and rich red roses. Choose those warm colors to bring light to a table and your family’s faces. Send these flowers just because, or to bless a Fall birthday or other celebration. Just because winter is taking away your garden, doesn’t mean that you should live without flowers.

No matter what you choose, daFlores will look after you from beginning to end. On our website, pick your language from several choices, then select the country where you’ll be sending your beautiful Fall flowers. You can make your selections based on price or occasion. Add extras like vases or chocolates if you wish. Then fill out the details and we’ll arrange for an experienced florist to hand-craft your flowers and deliver them to the door.

No matter what the season, we at daFlores only ever use flowers that were growing fresh that morning. Send flowers for Fall and celebrate life in a beautiful way.

Gerbera Daisies

DSCF1457The gerbera daisy is a cheerful, colorful blossom that has become synonymous with good cheer and welcome. Because daisies are also the quintessential children’s flower, the gerbera also comes with a message of innocence and is perfect for a child’s bedroom (so long as the child is old enough to handle having a vase in the room!)

Gerbera daisies come in many different colors—red, pink, white and yellow are just a few. A little similar to sunflowers in appearance, and related to sunflowers too, gerbera daisies can always be relied upon to bring a smile. This makes them great for “just because,” thank you and get well flowers.

Scotsman Robers Jameson first discovered the gerbera daisy in South Africa. It’s from him that the plant’s Latin name,  Gerbera jamesonii, is partially derived. The genus, or family name of the plant, along with the common name, comes from the German naturalist Traugott Gerber, who died young at the age of 33. It’s not quite known why the genus was named for him, since he did not discover it himself. There are around 30 wild species of the gerbera family.

Cultivation and breeding of the gerbera began in the late 19th century in England, producing the flower that we know today with its enhanced colors and shape. Today, the Netherlands and Colombia are the two biggest producers of gerberas, one of the most popular flowers used in arrangements today.

daFlores has a number of gerbera daisy arrangements that are guaranteed to please. Just pick out your favorite, click through on the thumbnail, and fill out the order form. If you want to let someone know you’re thinking of them, celebrate their birthday or any other special occasion, you cannot go wrong with a bouquet of beautiful, cheerful gerbera daisies. And if you order by noon local time for the country where the flowers will be delivered, we can in most cases deliver same-day!

Plant Care

Watering flowers

Just like people, plants need three things to thrive: Light, food/water and air.

Light: Place your indoor plants where they get plenty of indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight can actually harm sensitive plants, though some actually like the bright light. Part of plant care is to find that ideal location. If you lack such a space, try increasing light with plant lights or reflective backings. Be sure to put saucers or sheets under the plants so that mess is restricted.

Water: Give your plants water regularly, preferably in the morning before temperatures rise. A plant stores water to protect itself against changing conditions, but it only has a finite space in which to grow. Let the water soak down into a saucer or bowl and then the plant will suck the moisture back up again.

Air: Well cared-for plants like ventilation. An oscillating fan can help plants from drying out and of course keeps you more comfortable, too!

Keep Still: Do not move your plants. Plants can be shocked by moving so leave them where they are if they seem to be healthy.

Space: Another way to care for your plants is to make sure the plant has a sufficiently large pot. If it outgrows its space it becomes pot-bound and its roots are not as efficient. Either trim back the plant or replant it in a larger port. Be sure to add plant food to ease the transition.

Food: You can buy plant food in stick or powder form. Talk to your local nursery to determine what is best for to care for your indoor plants and follow the directions on the package.

Follow our plant care tips to ensure that your indoor garden remains beautiful and happy. daFlores offers a variety of beautiful indoor plants which you can send to your loved ones for a long-lasting gift. We hope you enjoy your indoor plants! To send flowers to Colombia, Mexico or Worldwide please visit us at