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Say it with flowers and say it with style

There’s an old joke going around that goes “Say it with flowers…give her a cactus!” We hope that you’ll never need to resort to that, but there are a hundred and one ways daFlores can help you say it with flowers in a more appropriate way. - International Flower Delivery - International Flower Delivery

First, ask yourself who the flowers are for. What do you want to say? We have several sections on our website that allow you to pick bouquets for thank-yous, appreciation, love, birthdays and “just because.” But, even without our guidelines, a little thought will put you in the right direction.

If you want to cheer someone up, send them bright colors. Yellows, reds and fiery oranges do the trick. It’s hard not to smile at sunflowers and gerbera daisies, both of which appeal to children, too. For something a bit more elegant, you might look into our tropical flowers collections. Birds or paradise and other delights await the person you’d like to see smile.

For a thank-you, consider the recipient. Your mom or other female relative might like our tender pink roses, lilies or carnations. For a gentleman, again, look to the tropicals, or send something more generic like a tasteful gift basket. DaFlores has quite a lovely selection!

You’ll want to avoid all connotations of affection if you’re sending flowers professionally. Yellow roses are a sign of appreciation, but orange might signify passion. Your boss might appreciate one of our elegant gift baskets with a bottle of wine or chocolates, instead.

For the love of your life, just about anything will do, but red roses are absolutely classic. Whether it’s that first blush of love or a long-lasting marriage, our offerings start with simple boxed roses to a mind-boggling set of 100 red roses.

Whatever you choose, daFlores takes grand care of you. We hand-pick our local florists to make sure you get superb service and the freshest flowers. Start at our website, and see if you can’t come with some creative, non-prickly ways to “Say it with flowers.”  To send flowers to Colombia or any other country in the Americas please visit

Send flowers for System administrator day

A system administrator is the technical person who holds things together at your company. The sysadmin will make backups, check server logs for problems and keeps on top of things. Your sysadmin wields technical powers, the very thoughts of which make lesser mortals quake in fear.

Domain Name System (DNS) Technology

National System Administrator Appreciation Day is on July 30 this year and we reckon that flowers are a great way to send thanks for all this often-nocturnal person does. The typical systems administrator shrinks into the background, keeping things running smoothly. Because you work during the day, he or she often works at night. You might want to plan a celebration for sometime in the late afternoon, the time when your two work days are more likely to coincide.

Systems administrators are more often than not men, though of course there are lady sysadmins too. We at daFlores have always said that flowers aren’t just for the ladies, though. Tropical flowers and orchids are a great choice for a system administrator, offering elegance without being overtly feminine. You can also add a box of chocolates, bottle or wine or even a basket of fruit. DaFlores can take care of all these options.

To organize a treat for National System Administrator Day,  just visit the website and pick a country for delivery. Then browse through the options by price range or style. Fill out the details and we’ll take care of the rest. Have the flowers delivered to the door of your office and then place our beautiful, tasteful arrangement on his chair. (There’s a good chance you won’t be able to see the desk as it’s covered in wires, components and computers.)

Flowers for National System Administrator Day are a great way to think outside the box.  Your sysadmin will appreciate the gesture and the uncommon recognition. These under-appreciated people are really the glue that keeps your IT department working. Honor them with the freshest, most beautiful National System Administrator Day flowers from daFlores.

Celebrate Parents’ Day in style with a daFlores flower delivery

Parents’ Day is the fourth Sunday in July, a holiday to celebrate mom and dad together. It’s entirely appropriate to send gifts and flowers on this fun, special occasion. The daFlores catalog has many combinations that provide the best of both worlds. We have stunning fresh bouquets, individually hand-crafted each morning, coupled with bottles of wine for him.

New mother with baby and husband in hospital smiling

If you want to send flowers to each parent separately, we have ideas too. Our pink, peach and white flowers are just perfect for Mom. We have gerbera daisies, all kinds of roses and delicate lilies too. You can shop by style of bouquet or by price range. Would she like a box of chocolates or a luxury gift basket full of pampering goodies? That we can do as well.

For him, we have flowers that suit just fine, too. Tropical flowers are perfect for your favorite gentleman. Elegant without being overly feminine, they bring truth to the adage that you can say it with flowers to anyone!

Plan a special dinner or outing for your parents this July 25th. You can take them to a favorite location or a beloved family activity or spot. When they get home, surprise them with a gorgeous flower delivery from daFlores. Either have it waiting for them at your home, or send it to their doorstep when they’re least expecting it.

It’s easy to arrange your Parents’ Day flowers. Visit our website, and choose the country of delivery. Browse by price range or style of bouquet and then add on any of our optional extras you prefer. Fill out the details and a personalized message and we’ll take care of the rest.

While your company is what they’ll treasure the best, the flowers will be a wonderful memento and something they can use to extend these sweet memories further still. Give your parents something to remember when you send stunning flowers put together by the experts from daFlores.

Halloween Flowers

DSCF1608Trick or treat! We vote for treat! Halloween flowers are a great alternative to the ghosts and ghouls for sale in every store. You may wish to check out the lovely daFlores “Trick or Treat” Halloween bouquet. A dozen orange roses is added to a box of chocolates and elegantly wrapped in cellophane.

Kids (guided by a parent) can arrange to send Halloween flowers to their mom as a thank you for all that time spent on costumes and walking them round the neighborhood. Any Fall-colored flowers are great as Halloween flowers: Look for golds and yellows with some nice fresh foliage to remind of the spring. Or order a lovely bouquet of Halloween flowers for a family party.

Bring Halloween flowers to a Halloween gather or just decorate your own home with Halloween blooms. There’s nothing better to cheer up a winter day than to be greeted by some warm-colored Halloween flowers as you enter your house! When you’ve been out in the cold with your kids, some Halloween flowers might be just the thing to thaw you out (and maybe some hot chocolate, too!)

Just go to and look through our many selections of Halloween flowers. Of course, you don’t have to stick with classic Fall colors; you can pick anything you want for your Halloween flowers. You might send your sweetheart some red roses at Halloween, or pick out something for you sister, or anyone who’s having a birthday around that time. Do you have a friend with a Halloween birthday? She may be feeling a bit left out, sharing her day with a holiday, so you could send Halloween flowers and make her day.

Surprise someone with Halloween flowers this October. It’s easy to order at and there are choices for every taste and price range. Think outside the box and send flowers this Halloween!

Sweetest Day!

Sweetest Day is a tradition that started in Ohio and spread because, well, it is very sweet! Sweetest Day is a great opportunity to send your loved ones some flowers. As the people of Ohio started to move around the country, they took their tradition with them. And now, because our families and friends are scattered so far and wide, you can carry on the tradition with Sweetest Day flowers.

Herbert Birch Kingston decided to do something nice for poor families, and distributed his candy to them on that day. Now, you can send candy along with your Sweetest Day flowers, and the celebrations has become a little like Valentine’s Day in October. Send Sweetest Day flowers and make someone happy on October 17th!

At daFlores we have several options for Sweetest Day flowers. Any bouquet of pink or red roses is an appropriate choice of Sweetest Day flowers. Send pink ones to your friends and family, but save the red roses to make your sweetheart happy on Sweetest Day. Add in a box of chocolates and you stay true to the original spirit of Sweetest Day.

Take your sweetheart out to dinner for Sweetest Day, and bring her some Sweetest Day flowers. If she’s never heard of the holiday, it will be a lovely surprise! Sweetest Day has spread outwards as people left Ohio, so maybe it’s time to introduce your loved ones to a special day in October. Sweetest Day flowers are a great way to do that and let them know they’re remembered and loved.

Sometimes life can get very ordinary, especially in the colder winter months. A bouquet of Sweetest Day flowers can brighten up the day a little. Use Sweetest Day flowers as the centerpiece of a celebratory gather at home, or have then sent to your loved ones both near and far. Let this October bring them all the Sweetest Day flowers they will come to love! your source for international flower delivery

Send Flowers this Fall!

iStock_000003859601XSmallWhen the trees shed their leaves we see the golden season of Fall, and fill our homes with Fall flowers to honor the season. Fall flower colors include soft, warm oranges, rusts and golds, and celebrations where you might want to use Fall flowers include Fall birthdays, Halloween, Labor Day and the Fall equinox.

Dahlias, lilies, orchids and roses all come in the muted tones of Fall. As part of a Fall flower arrangement these are truly elegant choices. Dried wheat and fruits evoke the sense of a harvest festival—check out the stunning daFlores Fruits and Flowers arrangement. Such an arrangement might be a gift to your church at this time.

Fall birthdays are in September, October and November. Send Fall flowers to people who are born in these months and just see how delighted they’ll be.

Plan a gather for the first day of Fall (the equinox), traditional last day of Summer (Labor Day) or just take advantage of the cooling afternoons for a last outdoor barbecue, and set up a Fall flower arrangement as the centerpiece. If you’re invited to such a celebration, why not bring a bouquet of Fall flowers to your hostess? Fall wreaths on the door are a lovely way of welcoming your visitors, too.

As gardens start to empty out and the color fades from the world, Fall flowers are a wonderful way of extending the season and making the change seem a little less sad. Fall means that colder weather is coming and many people get the blues, so send a Fall bouquet to cheer them up (especially if they end up with unwell and in need of Fall get well flowers).

Whatever you choose for your Fall flowers, daFlores has bouquets to fit every budget and taste. If you order before twelve noon local time for the country where you want delivery, in most cases same-day delivery is possible. We send only the freshest, most beautiful flowers—even in Fall! To send flowers to Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela or any other country of Latin America please visit us at


Grandparents’ Day is on September 13, and this is a perfect occasion to show your grandparents just how much you’ve appreciated their wisdom, kindness and love over the years. This year why not send flowers to your grandparents on Grandparents’ Day? They will be delighted to see your beautiful arrangement of Grandparents’ Day flowers showing up right on their doorstep.

So what should you send your elders on Grandparents’ Day? A lovely arrangement of fruits and flowers in a basket is always a healthy and popular choice for Grandparents’ Day. Or if you happen to know what their favorite blossoms are, send them those flowers instead.

How about some sunflowers, gerbera daisies or pink roses for Grandparents’ Day? Or even some sophisticated tropical flowers? Almost any floral arrangement works well on Grandparents’ Day, and there are so many choices of flowers at that you could pick for Grandparents’ Day flowers that you’re bound to find something that suits their style and your budget.

iStock_000004413629XSmall If you’re getting together with your grandparents for a Grandparents’ Day celebration, you can see how delighted they are by bringing the Grandparents’ Day flowers along yourself!

The Grandparents’ Day holiday was signed into United States law in 1978. Never again will grandparents feel left out because they are recognized on their own special day. You, of course, can make Grandparents’ Day even more special for them with gifts and flowers.

Send a sweet Grandparents’ Day basket that they can reuse, add some chocolates, or send  whatever flowers you know they will love on their own special Grandparents’ Day.  Chances are that as a child you spent many hours with your grandparents, and now you have an opportunity to show them how much you appreciate them on their own special Grandparents’ Day.

The Power of Flowers

It’s been scientifically proven that flowers brighten up a person’s day. There’s just something about their natural beauty that uplifts and inspires. People who set up flowers in their bedroom or kitchen—the places you’ll visit first thing in the morning—report feeling less stressed out as they go to work or launch into their days.

Then there’s the psychological effect of having somebody send you flowers. It lets you know that they care about you and this can cheer you up no end. People who receive flowers in hospital or when they’re sick get the same benefits: Having something beautiful to look at along with the sense that someone is on their side speeds up healing.

In Minneapolis, there’s a Center for Victims of Torture that has at its heart a beautiful garden. The victims work and meditate in the garden and it gives them a focus and way to heal. The staff, who’ve been listening to horrific stories, go there to contemplate and unwind. Many of them end up being gardeners themselves, digging their unhappiness into the earth which can absorb and neutralize it. The cycle of flowers peeking up from the earth, rising from the dark, is deeply symbolic of the process of healing.

The different colors of flowers also have specific effects. Bright yellow can help you clear your mind and revive from burnout. Restful green helps you to relax, unwind and regain your balance. Blue, also, is a color of relaxation and peace, and can help you find the right words as well as learn.

Aromatherapy is a popular art and the scent of flowers helps too. Lavender is a relaxant and calms you down. Mint is refreshing and clean. Look into essential oils made from flowers to create a certain atmosphere in your home. Even the tiniest amount can make a huge difference to the emotional weather of your space. To send flowers to Bogota, Caracas, Lima, Buenos Aires or any other city in the Americas please visit us at

How to make a long-distance relationship work

More and more, our modern lives take us away from our loved ones. Many of our daFlores customers have come to the USA to work, leaving sweethearts behind. While it’s true that absence makes the heart grow fonder, it’s also true that distance creates sadness. There are many things you can do that will help you keep the flame alive.

Send flowers and gifts

You can send flowers to your sweetheart and make sure she knows you haven’t forgotten her. Distance often creates doubts, and this is one thing you can do to say “I have no doubts.” Send her flowers every month or as often as you can afford; this is money well spent. You can add gifts like teddy bears, chocolates and wine to make the gift even more sweet!

Write letters and postcards

Nobody writes letters these days – except you! A hand-written letter is a real treasure when you’re far away from your loved ones. Don’t worry about being a good writer; it doesn’t matter. Write about what you can see through your window, the people you meet, about work. Tuck small mementos into the envelope: Photos, newspaper cuttings, anything you think your partner might enjoy.

The most “boring” life is fascinating to those who, for whatever reason, can’t be by your side just now. And besides, the letters you receive back will brighten your day, too.

If you really can’t deal with long letters, try sending postcards, but send more of them.

Use email and social media

If you have access to a computer, you can use email and sites like Facebook to keep in touch with your sweetheart. Even if you only post a few lines each day, it will let her know you’re around. Use the private messages box to send little love notes and post up pictures so she can see what is going on around you.

Call home regularly

If you have a phone, investigate good long-distance to get a deal on calls to the countries you need. When picking a cellphone, see if you can get a contract that favors the country you’ll be calling most often. With cellphones, you can send text messages and photographs, too.

If you don’t have a phone, you can buy phone cards which make calls to countries like Mexico very cheap. Call regularly – at least once a week. Speaking in person can alert you to any worries and problems that might be going on at home; if you pay attention, you’ll be able to pick out the worries from the tone of her voice.

The trick to keeping a long distance relationship alive is to never be forgotten and to never forget. Patience and an ability to listen is a huge help because the distance does cause problems. We at daFlores can help you with the flowers and gifts end of things, but the rest is up to you. So saying, we hope one day to provide you with your wedding flowers!

Flower Meanings

The Victorians perfected the art of Flower Meanings, with every blossom carefully chosen to send a particular message. Their restrictive social existence needed an outlet, and thus Flower Meanings, in bouquets or worn on a gentleman’s lapel, were important ways to say something  the bearer could not openly express.

So complex was this art that Flower Meanings dictionaries were published as reference manuals. Send yellow carnations, and you’re saying “No thanks,” while a spider flower means “Let’s elope!” In the British movie “Greenfingers” an ex convict loves the prison garden so much that he steals yellow roses to get back behind bars—sending a Flower Meaning message to his  prospective girlfriend the message that he’s only interested in something platonic!

Nowadays Flower Meanings may seem quaint and amusing, but it’s still worth looking into the language of flowers if you have something to say. Intent is a powerful energy, and if you are conscious of what you’re giving, the Flower Meanings behind your floral arrangements will have an added dimension.

Let’s just say that your daughter graduated from high school, and is about to go on to her degree. You’re proud of her, and you wish her luck and every success. If you wanted to express that with Flower Meanings, then you’d choose pink heather and stephanotis for luck,  and gardenias for joy. A tall amaryllis shows how proud you are of her efforts. (You can find many choices for your Flower Meanings bouquets at daFlores.)

Each culture has its own rules on Flower Meanings, so be sure you know what you’re saying and to whom. In many Eastern European countries, for example, you would not want to send red and white flowers mixed; these are a symbol of death and often used at funerals. In the United Kingdom, however, red and white roses have a different Flower Meaning: they are the symbols of two sides in a civil war, but they merge to form the famous Tudor rose and a message of unity.

To send flowers today please visit us at