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Send Mother’s Day Flowers to Colombia with daFlores

Mother’s Day is coming up in Colombia: This holiday takes place on May 8, which still leaves you plenty of time to send flowers to Colombia — or any other country, for that matter. As you well know, our flower delivery service in Colombia is the happy result of using only the best florists and the best flowers. When you use daFlores to send Mother’s Day flowers to Colombia, or any other country, the end result is always stunning.

Mother's day flowers to Colombia

Mother's day flowers to Colombia

It’s easy to send Mother’s Day flowers to Colombia with daFlores

To send flowers to Colombia or any other country, browse to our website. Pick the country you need – Colombia springs to mind – and check out our “occasions” links. There’s one for Mother’s Day at this season, and you can browse those arrangements for flower delivery in Colombia. Add extras, such as chocolates and wine, to make your Mother’s Day flowers even more special and personalized.

We have other options too. Our range of gift baskets makes a lovely gift; you can send it or send Mother’s Day flowers.

Flower delivery in Colombia with daFlores

Whatever you choose, when you send a flower delivery in Colombia with daFlores, you’re taking advantage of our years of experience. We don’t know if you know this, but while we send flowers to many other countries besides, we have our deepest roots with flower delivery in Colombia.

Whether you send flowers to Colombia or any other country, daFlores covers you with a wide range of lovely bouquets and bilingual customer service. We will help you by phone or online, making your flower delivery in Colombia absolutely painless. And our 100 percent guarantee of satisfaction means that you can feel safe every time when you send Mother’s Day flowers to Colombia.




Buy early for Halloween and fill your home with festive color

You wouldn’t necessarily think of Hallowe’en as a busy season for florists, but believe us when we say that it is! Our gorgeous Fall color arrangements are always popular and when you buy these arrangements, you can bring warmth and light into your home.

Halloween flowers evoke the season with their mellowed, golden tones. They set the scene for Thanksgiving too, and you can fill your house with beauty in a season when, outdoors, all the gardens are coming to a natural end.

Our fruit basket selections are perfect for a Harvest Festival kind of feeling. Exquisitely presented and featuring both flowers and fruit, they give the best of both worlds. We also have floral baskets set out in golden and yellow colors. All are lovingly put together by only the very best florists.

Order your Halloween flowers early to avoid disappointment and get exactly what you want. It’s not too soon and, at this time of year, we’re sure you’ve noticed that the days fly by. Some of you are already thinking about the holidays and buying those special gifts.  So we’d like to remind you to organize your Halloween flowers before you get caught up in the end-of-year whirlwind.

At this time of year, anything orange and golden is a perfectly appropriate choice. Our selections of orange roses are absolutely divine and, without the romantic associations of their red ancestors, they can be given to co-workers, used as home decor or passed on to friends and family. Their warm glowing petals remind you of the sunshine and brighten up those colder, dark evenings.

We also have tasteful lilies, cheerful sunflowers and, for a more exotic look, our collections of tropical flowers. And, because it’s daFlores you’re dealing with here, each and every blossom was growing fresh the morning you received it.

Order your Halloween flowers early and enjoy the best of the season in your home. To send flowers to Colombia or any other country in Latin America please visit

Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month starts on September 15, the independence day for five different Latin American countries. Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador all declared independence on September 15, 1821.

It’s because of this fact, and of other South American countries also celebrating independence days during September, that Ronald Reagan signed the month into law in 1988.

The National Hispanic Heritage Month lasts a full 30 days, ending on October 15. Through the United States, many celebrations are held and South American heroes honored. Schools run special classes and programs. Museums, like the Smithsonian, put on special displays. If you detect a theme here, it’s that this time of year is special.

DaFlores has its roots in Colombia, of course, and we started off as a company that worked within the Americas. We’ve grown in leaps and bounds, and are now expanding into Europe and Asia. We honor the over 48 million people of Hispanic heritage who now live in the United States.

While the national celebrations focus on the famous people, the movers-and-shakers and the groups of people who suffered hardships and fought for liberties, we at home can honor our own families’ movers and shakers too. Is there a teacher in your community who has fought hard for education and understanding? Has a local ombudsman gone the extra mile? Consider thanking these people with a personal note and token of appreciation.

At daFlores, we have a wide selection of all-occasion flowers that would be a perfect way to say thanks. Tropical flowers, gift baskets and more are all perfectly appropriate. White and yellow roses are all there to show honor and appreciation. A bottle of wine can be enjoyed at a later date; while our flowers are guaranteed to stay fresh for a week, it’s nice to have something left over to enjoy at the end. To send flowers to Colombia or any other country in the Americas please visit

Sending Flowers to Colombia for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 9 and daFlores can help you find the perfect Mother’s Day flowers. We have an entire section dedicated to Mother’s Day flowers in Colombia so you can simply visit and browse. No matter where you live, we have the perfect bouquet for this very special occasion.DSCF1996-4

Your mom is special and deserves the best, which is something that daFlores can provide for sure. Pink is a wonderful color for Mother’s Day flowers and we have beautiful lilies, roses and more. But if you want to send a different kind of flowers to Colombia, we have tropical flowers and daisies too.

When you send flowers to Colombia with daFlores, you’re taking advantage of the best. We work with local florists who’ve been in business for years and they bring in fresh flowers each morning. And you can customize your Colombia flower delivery with wine, chocolates and other goodies.

Don’t forget your wife or girlfriend too. As the mother of your children she’s extra-special. You can arrange to send flowers to Colombia for your love, but consider a romantic gesture. A grand flower delivery of stunning red roses to Colombia is something we do very well. Or you can send any one of our special gift baskets for a Mother’s Day surprise.

Your flower delivery to Colombia is quick and easy to arrange. Choose Colombia from the list of countries and then start browsing through our Mother’s Day flower section.  Make your selections and then fill out the details and we’ll take care of the rest. Your flower delivery to Colombia is scheduled and you won’t need to worry about a thing.

DaFlores is simply the best when it comes to Mother’s Day flowers. Our service is second to none and we truly care about the quality of your Colombia flower delivery. With years in the floral business, our family-owned company knows flowers inside-out. We have sent over 300,000 bouquets so you can trust us whenever you want to send Mother’s Day flowers to Colombia.

Love and Friendship Day in Colombia

Love and Friendship Day in Colombia is the third Saturday in September (in 2009, that’s September 19th). Haven’t heard of this holiday? Well, it’s a bit like Valentine’s Day, without necessarily being about romance. Love and Friendship Day is an opportunity for people to tell their friends and family (and yes, that does include sweethearts, in case you were wondering) just how much they care. Sending flowers to Colombia is a great way of expressing that.iStock_000008153121XSmall

If you know someone in Colombia or just want to celebrate a different holiday, take a look into Love and Friendship Day. How about organizing a gather to bring together all your friends and family? It’s always fun to mix up the different groups in your life, whether it’s family, or friends from work, or friends from college days.

As Fall starts to bring cooler weather there won’t be many more chances to do barbecues, for example, so why not take the opportunity? Put on some music, and hand out small gifts as a token of appreciation. Some good meat and veggies cooking on the grill, fresh crunchy bread and a large green salad are simple and effective ways to celebrate the Colombian Love and Friendship Day.

If you do have friends in Colombia, you could send flowers to Colombia to make their day. Especially if you’re from a different culture, they might be surprised and flattered that you even knew about their special celebration. Need ideas? Well, is a company that makes it easy to send flowers to Colombia. With a whole variety of flowers already set up on their Love and Friendship Day page, the hardest choice is which ones to send, and to whom.

Life gets busy sometimes, and we forget to show our appreciation. It’s also a long time between Valentine’s Day and Christmas, both big occasions for showing affection and appreciation. So why not introduce your friends and loved ones to Colombia’s Love and Friendship Day and have a great party while you’re at it? If nothing else, it gives you an excuse to hold a gather, and that’s always a fun and rewarding experience!