July holidays

Honoring cousins, aunts and uncles

Cousins’ Day is coming up on July 24th—just one week from today. If you’re anything like us, your cousins might not have lived just next door, but they were always a strong part of the family. Cousins offer a different perspective on life; different parents, different home, but still the same clan. So what better time than Cousins’ Day to show some appreciation of those family members? Continue reading

Cheer Up Someone Lonely Day ideas

Loneliness kills. It also depresses, hurts, and really has nothing going for it at all. It’s perhaps with this in mind that National Cheer Up Someone Lonely Day sprang into being, a day to help grow awareness of the lonely and to brighten up their lives a little. As with all these things, though, a day isn’t enough, so let’s talk about this some more and look at some ideas for keeping the sentiment going year-round. Continue reading

Flower-giving opportunities in July

What do you think of when you think of July? Heat, vacations, barbecues? All of those are typical July “things”–at least if you’re north of the equator, but we at daFlores think of flowers. There are several not-so-obvious July holidays that are a great reason to send flowers. Here, we list some down to give you a few ideas. Continue reading