International Women’s Day 2012: United Nations’ message against hunger

Following on from our theme of International Women’s Day 2012, the United Nations has its own theme, which is helping women in rural communities to fight hunger and poverty. Secretary-general Ban Ki-moon has issued a statement calling for people to invest in rural women; the United Nations recognizes these women as the cornerstone of their communities and the path to change.

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There’s more. The UN says that if these women had access to the same resources as men, they could increase their families’ prosperity by 20 to 30 percent. Collectively, between 100 and 150 million people could be lifted out of hunger. More than half of those in hunger are women.

The United Nation wants to give these women access to fertilizer, better seeds, education and credit for investment. Organizations such as Kiva help individuals with micro-loans; that’s one way you could help. But the problem is much bigger than any one person can help.

Organizations like the United Nations use International Women’s Day to highlight issues such as these, and they also run events. On its calendar are a significant number of conferences and talks across the world about what women do for society and how they can be helped. For example, in Lima, Peru, there’s a seminar about recent developments in political and gender equality, while a group called UN Women is being launched in Bogota. If you like to look at the wider picture, the United Nations’ take on International Women’s Day is a place to start.

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