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Round and Round the Garden With Spring Garden Tours

It’s garden tour time! Starting in the south and working north as spring starts to happen, garden tours are taking place around the country. One example is in Los Angeles, which has an entire season of garden events designed to encourage people to beautify their yards and show some pride in the neighborhood. It kicks off with a self-driven caravan to three specialized garden centers: one each for drought-tolerant plants and succulents, native plants and irises, and then a professional landscaped but private garden.

Pretty cacti from above

DaFlores doesn't sell pretty cacti, but you can send pretty flowers to the Americas and beyond!

The American Institute of Architects is giving a talk on how to incorporate urban design with gardening. This is something you can do on a smaller scale in your own home. There’s nothing more beautiful than a garden that complements its environment and uses existing resources.

Design and flowers have always gone together. It’s not just about the art of arranging in the first place, nor the creativity of creating the designs. It’s about seeing where a spot in your home could use a bit of color, and picking the perfect sizes and shapes. With so many choices at daFlores.com, it shouldn’t be any problem to enhance your decor with flowers.

Keep an eye out for celebrations of green living and greenery in your local hometown. Events can range from tours through public and private gardens to exhibitions of specialty growing, like bonsai. A good place to look is in your city’s botanical garden, where something is always going on. Looking at other people’s creative ideas can spark thoughts of your own. Where can you add to your garden? What can you change? There’s nothing more relaxing than a pretty garden space, even if all you’ve got available is a small deck or balcony.

And you can always, always brighten up your home with a beautiful flower delivery of spring blossoms!

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Social Media and Flowers: DaFlores’ 350th Like

DaFlores.com welcomed its 350,000th Facebook “like” in the last day or so. How cool is that? When we first started on Facebook, around two years ago, “Likes” were still called “Friends” or “Fans” and we had no inkling of how fast we’d grow. We’ve been steadily marking each milestone as we go along, and yet it’s only a few weeks since we marked the 300,000th like.

A big thank-you from daFlores

A big thank-you from daFlores

We’re so proud to serve you on Facebook! It’s our job to be as helpful as possible to you, and we’ve always believed that we should be where our customers are. You’ve thanked us with your presence and your comments, and we’ve learned from what you have to say. But our growth on Facebook has been really very exciting, and we’re looking forward to getting to know you better.

So what can you get out of a visit to the daFlores Facebook page? Well, we introduced our first Facebook app to let you send virtual flowers for free, any day of the year. Facebook is where daFlores presents specials and gives you heads-ups about new beautiful flowers. We even run giveaways from time to time, and answer questions.

We have 24-hour customer service in Spanish and English. (Our Facebook page is in Spanish.) Not only do we have local toll-free numbers, we have online support by email and even live chat. Customer service is our first priority and it’s why we see happy customers come back over and over again. There aren’t many companies that promise 100 percent satisfaction to both you and the recipient of your gift.

So, let’s raise a glass to our 350,000 fans on Facebook, and another to the next 350,000. We appreciate each and every one of you, and look forward to serving you again in the future.

Honeybees: Bringing you the best, most beautiful flowers

The honeybee is an incredible creature. The hive centers around a queen, who gives life to all the bees. Organized into an amazing system that feeds, nurtures and protects, this beneficial insect provides honey, beeswax and of course flowers. Was there ever such a useful little creature?

Without bees, there would be neither flowers nor fruit. The bees transfer pollen from tree to tree, flower to flower, ensuring a beautiful harmony. In return, the blossoms feed the bees and they feed the human soul, too. It’s true that bees can sting but, if you’ll pardon the pun, they won’t bug you if you don’t bug them. Humans might do well to learn a lesson or two from the way this give-and-take, sharing relationship works. Bee on Yellow Flower

Naturally, daFlores is grateful to the bees. Without them, we wouldn’t be doing what we do: Bringing you the best, most beautiful flower arrangements. Thanks to the honeybee, our florist deliver fresh to you every morning without fail. Our skilled artists create amazing arrangements that bless your loved ones with smiles.

Everything in life is part of a cycle. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s sometimes hard to remember this. We suggest that the next time you spot a bee, you take a moment to sit down and watch it go about its business. Then think about the last time you sent a flower delivery. You’ll get the connection soon enough: It’s oddly soothing.

Watching bees is a little like smelling the roses, and boy do we have roses! Take a moment today to appreciate the simple things in life, whether it’s a furry bumble bee or a slender, efficient honeybee. And if there’s someone on your mind, well, just as a bee brings the beauty of flowers, you can use daFlores to deliver flowers to the doorstep. We’re really good that way.

Celebrate the Fourth of July with flowers

Beautiful Fourth of July flowers are a great way to celebrate Independence Day. While red, white and blue flowers definitely fit the bill, almost any flowers will enhance a traditional barbecue celebration. Imagine your guests’ delight when they see your elegant tables, all perfected with Fourth of July flowers.

DaFlores can help you with an Independence Day flower delivery. We have a wide selection of bouquets, from roses to daisies and more. When choosing Independence Day flowers, consider what kind of gather this is.

Will it be a family occasion, with everyone from little children to your venerable great-grandmother? Consider alternating roses and gerbera daisies to suit both ends of the age spectrum. Or will it be a formal dinner party, with professional friends and co-workers? Elegant tropical flowers are an advantage in this case, evoking the fire of summer without being too intimate.

It’s always seemed to us that the Fourth of July is the heart of summer, the celebration that everybody loves. The garden’s in full bloom, everyone’s on vacation, and it’s all about good food, good company and good decor. If you take care of the first two, daFlores can take care of the rest.

Our network of experienced florists is on hand to deliver your order, created from flowers picked fresh that very morning. Just select your flowers from our website, enter the details and we’ll take your Independence Day flower delivery from there.

Another way to incorporate Independence Day flowers is to send them to the person who’s spearheading the gather. Mom would just adore a precious bouquet on this happy July occasion. Delivered to the door, Fourth of July flowers are bound to delight and make her smile after hours of work. Send an armful of roses and say thank you for all those special times. There’s no better way to celebrate than with stunning Fourth of July flowers.

When the Smallest Flowers Grow, Spring is On Its Way—at daFlores too!

How can you tell it’s spring? Look for the littlest flowers.

As though timidly checking to see if it’s still cold out, the earliest spring flowers are small. Crocuses and snowdrops are among the first out of the ground, sometimes pushing their way up through melting snow. These hardy little blossoms don’t need to show off by being big: They’re just happy to be out there, bringing a sense of joy to those who see them.product_big_0011

And it is a joyous thing, isn’t it? We at daFlores think so, anyway. That first flash of color as the little bulbs unveil themselves, even the first green shoots, are a sign of hope and renewal. In many cases they are a sign of Easter, itself a festival of renewal and joy. DaFlores, of course, can supply all your Easter flower needs from our extensive floral catalog.

After the littlest flowers come the daffodils, and then it’s really spring. Even if that’s not happening in your neck of the woods, know that it will come. If you’re suffering from the winter blues or know someone else who is, a beautiful flower delivery from daFlores is sure to brighten up any day. And of course get-well flowers  provide a joyous antidote to those nasty late-winter colds and flu.

DaFlores knows all about cheering up people with spring flower bouquets. We have gone through ten springs in our company already, and our family has decades of experience in the flower delivery industry. We work only with florists that share our passion and know exactly what they are doing. Between you and us, that means fresh flowers every morning and the extra something that’s added when love is part of the mix.

Treat your loved ones to a gorgeous spring flower delivery from daFlores. We have hundreds of bouquets with cheerful sun-bright blossoms and fiery tropical arrangements. There’s bound to be something that’s perfectly right for the special people in your life. We’re with you all the way and our superb customer service will help you set up your international flower delivery in no time at all.

Daffodil Celebration in Murphys, Calif. is a Harbinger of Spring; daFlores Prepares Spring Flower Deliveries

DaFlores.com is ready for its spring flower delivery season. So is Murphys, Calif. The weekend of 12-14 March is daffodil time in the Calaveras County historic town, home to the National Daffodil Show held at Ironside Vineyard. Quaint little Murphys is well worth a visit at any time of year, but the sight of thousands of daffodils can only enhance the experience and add a unique slant to your visit.group of yellow daffodils in full bloom

There will be themed daffodil displays, juried shows and a wealth of other spring flower-related adventures at the show. Heritage daffodils mingle alongside miniatures and new hybrids. Daffodils, with their cheerful bright trumpets, have inspired poetry and brightened many a hillside. The sight of these spring flowers peeping above the often still-cold ground means that warmth is well on its way. California and Florida, home to daFlores.com, may see “daffydowndillies” a little sooner than, say, Minnesota, but that sense of relief after winter is the same anywhere.

California’s Gold Country has more than one famous daffodil locale, of course. Daffodil Hill near Sutter Creek started off with just a few bulbs and has swelled into a magnificent annual display. The host farm, the McLaughlin Ranch, doesn’t see it as a commercial venture but just a way to bring a little beauty into the world. Over 300,000 daffodils spring forth at this 3000 foot attraction in the Sierra Nevada hills.

We at daFlores.com are ready for spring, too. If you know someone in a colder part of the country, why not send them a beautiful daFlores spring basket? Our international flower delivery service relies on the freshest flowers made by expert artists. We offer great bilingual customer service with local toll-free numbers in all the countries we serve.

You don’t have to wait for Mother’s Day or Easter, though we do offer special bouquets for these flower delivery occasions. Do you know someone with a March or April birthday? Or who’s tired of the winter and could use a little cheer-up in the form of a beautiful flower delivery? Then we at daFlores.com can help you out. Browse our catalog today and find a stunning array of flowers to make anybody’s day better.