daFlores on Facebook: What’s in it for you?

We thought we’d take a moment today to draw your attention to our Facebook page, where we frequently post specials and information about our beautiful flower delivery. Our Facebook presence has grown from a few thousand to more than a million Likes, none of which would have been possible without you. It’s been an exciting journey, and one that we’d love to share with you if you’re also on Facebook. Continue reading

DaFlores has reached 800,000 Facebook Likes

Blink and you’d miss it—DaFlores just welcomed our 800,000th Like on our Facebook page and have since added another four thousand Likes in just a matter of days! It hardly seems possible that in such a few short years we’ve built our fan club up to four-fifths of a million people…and we consider that the ultimate vote of confidence from our customers. Thank you, very much, to all of you who’ve liked our Facebook page and take part in the ongoing dialog between we, the florists, and you. Continue reading

DaFlores now has 500,000 Facebook fans

DaFlores has reached (and exceeded) 500,000 fans on its Facebook page. Now there’s an announcement! We’re proud and delighted to not only have half a million fans worldwide, but to already be well past 513,000 in just a matter of days. The magic moment arrived on May 11, just in time for Mother’s Day, making it even more significant and exciting.

500k Facebook  fans for daFlores!The daFlores Facebook fan page gives our customers a voice that we love to hear. We get feedback there that we can use to improve your shopping experience for the future. We launched our first app some while ago to let people send virtual flowers—and you do, by the thousand. We’ve always felt that wherever our customers are, so too should we be. We’re in the business of bringing you smiles, and without knowing what you need, we can’t do that. Hence our social media presence.

When we first opened daFlores for business in 2001, there was barely any social media—it was all forums and newsgroups, with an occasional specialty online community. We started small on Facebook but the community has grown in leaps and bounds. It’s one of the great joys of our work to hear what you’ve got to say about our flowers and learn how you use them.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for being part of the daFlores community. We can wait to reach a million fans. Customer service and quality of flowers are the number one priority in our business and this is just another way that we can reach you. The fact that you’ve embraced our Facebook page so thoroughly is just the icing on the cake.

If you haven’t already checked out the daFlores.com Facebook page, we invite you to sign up now. Just head over and Like us. We like you, after all!

Social Media and Flowers: DaFlores’ 350th Like

DaFlores.com welcomed its 350,000th Facebook “like” in the last day or so. How cool is that? When we first started on Facebook, around two years ago, “Likes” were still called “Friends” or “Fans” and we had no inkling of how fast we’d grow. We’ve been steadily marking each milestone as we go along, and yet it’s only a few weeks since we marked the 300,000th like.

A big thank-you from daFlores

A big thank-you from daFlores

We’re so proud to serve you on Facebook! It’s our job to be as helpful as possible to you, and we’ve always believed that we should be where our customers are. You’ve thanked us with your presence and your comments, and we’ve learned from what you have to say. But our growth on Facebook has been really very exciting, and we’re looking forward to getting to know you better.

So what can you get out of a visit to the daFlores Facebook page? Well, we introduced our first Facebook app to let you send virtual flowers for free, any day of the year. Facebook is where daFlores presents specials and gives you heads-ups about new beautiful flowers. We even run giveaways from time to time, and answer questions.

We have 24-hour customer service in Spanish and English. (Our Facebook page is in Spanish.) Not only do we have local toll-free numbers, we have online support by email and even live chat. Customer service is our first priority and it’s why we see happy customers come back over and over again. There aren’t many companies that promise 100 percent satisfaction to both you and the recipient of your gift.

So, let’s raise a glass to our 350,000 fans on Facebook, and another to the next 350,000. We appreciate each and every one of you, and look forward to serving you again in the future.

Online flower delivery service daFlores.com reaches 30,000 Facebook fans.

July 20, 2009 — Online flower delivery service daFlores.com recently gained its 30,000th fan on the social media site Facebook. One of the first online florists to offer delivery service to Latin America, daFlores continues to embrace technology and social media as part of its overall commitment to service and innovation. The company’s Facebook fan page gives customers a place to comment on the company and talk about the products.

“Facebook is a natural extension of our customer service,” says Francisco Bustos, CEO and President of daFlores.com. “The astounding growth of our Facebook page is a great testimonial to our service and products.” The company posts news about its offerings, YouTube videos and includes an online coupon for fans on its page. Every week, the daFlores fan page averages 1000 comments and thumbs-ups (known as “likes” in Facebook parlance).

With many years in the flower business, ten of those online, daFlores is one of the largest online florists specializing in service to Latin America. Facebook and other social media sites such as Twitter are an important part of the company’s outreach efforts. “We help people connect with their loved ones overseas,” observes Mr. Bustos. “Many of our customers have family and friends who live far away. Our flower service allows those people to keep in touch with their loved ones, and our Facebook page allows them to tell their stories.”

About DaFlores:
DaFlores is a leading international flower delivery service which delivers to Latin America, the United States and parts of Europe and Asia. The company works with a network of local flower shops, all of which must undergo a meticulous selection process and prove that their products and work are top-notch.