Send Mother’s Day Flowers to Colombia with daFlores

Mother’s Day is coming up in Colombia: This holiday takes place on May 8, which still leaves you plenty of time to send flowers to Colombia — or any other country, for that matter. As you well know, our flower delivery service in Colombia is the happy result of using only the best florists and the best flowers. When you use daFlores to send Mother’s Day flowers to Colombia, or any other country, the end result is always stunning.

Mother's day flowers to Colombia

Mother's day flowers to Colombia

It’s easy to send Mother’s Day flowers to Colombia with daFlores

To send flowers to Colombia or any other country, browse to our website. Pick the country you need – Colombia springs to mind – and check out our “occasions” links. There’s one for Mother’s Day at this season, and you can browse those arrangements for flower delivery in Colombia. Add extras, such as chocolates and wine, to make your Mother’s Day flowers even more special and personalized.

We have other options too. Our range of gift baskets makes a lovely gift; you can send it or send Mother’s Day flowers.

Flower delivery in Colombia with daFlores

Whatever you choose, when you send a flower delivery in Colombia with daFlores, you’re taking advantage of our years of experience. We don’t know if you know this, but while we send flowers to many other countries besides, we have our deepest roots with flower delivery in Colombia.

Whether you send flowers to Colombia or any other country, daFlores covers you with a wide range of lovely bouquets and bilingual customer service. We will help you by phone or online, making your flower delivery in Colombia absolutely painless. And our 100 percent guarantee of satisfaction means that you can feel safe every time when you send Mother’s Day flowers to Colombia.




Macy’s Flower Show is in full swing with Towers of Flowers

The 37th Macy’s Flower Show is in full swing now, ready for spring in one of the colder parts of the USA. The show ends on April 10th, so it’s not too late for New Yorkers and their neighbors to check out the happenings. This year it’s spectacular as always: you’ll find 100,000 plants in all their glory on the Main Floor of the Broadway Building, on Herald Square (so-named for the Herald Newspaper which was headquartered there).

Each year the flower show has a theme, and this year it’s “Towers of Flowers.” This means that visitors can expect to see architecture and 11 special gardens made all out of flowers. One centerpiece is a 16-foot tower and the windows are full of flowers as well.

Famous architecture, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Great Pyramids of Egypt, have been made up in floral versions. There’s even a tropical and cactus section. (While daFlores.com doesn’t deal in cacti, we do have an extensive selection of tropical flowers for delivery.)

And there’s magic in the air: the organizers are pumping the scents of lavender and chamomile through the air to entice you in. This is a far cry, of course, from the Macy’s parade and all that good stuff, but it does have one thing in common — the show is a real spectacle. If you love flowers, like we do at daFlores.com, then you should check it out. The website is macys.com/flowershow.

While this kind of thing isn’t what daFlores.com does, we are in the business of stunning flowers. We have several towering arrangements that are sure to bring admiring comments: check out our Sunburst Tower Basket, for example. This cheery arrangement with big yellow sunflowers is just right for birthdays, thank-you messages and is a happy gift for those who aren’t feeling well. Browse through our arrangements and, just like Macy’s, you can fill your home with gorgeous flowers.

Camellia Japonica: The state flower of Alabama

Do you know where tea comes from? We do. It’s derived from the leaves of the tea camellia plant, Camellia sinensis. That plant first graced our shores in the 1600s, but wasn’t cultivated here until much later. Even here at daFlores that heritage is apparent: in a few of our gift baskets you’ll find sachets of gourmet tea!


We suppose that the ornamental versions would have gotten here sooner or later, but mixed in with those early tea camellias were a few that you couldn’t drink and it’s those, like Camellia japonica, that became beloved of growers in the warmer states.


Camellias flower brightly in pinks, whites, purples and mix-and-match. They grow tall and vine beautifully, which means you can train them into living fences. These gorgeous flowers come in simple forms and big, fluffy, many-petaled forms that look a bit like carnations. They also need a bit of warmth, so they grow just beautifully in Alabama.


Over the years, growers have perfected thousands of varieties of camellias. Some are cold hardy enough to survive zone 5 or 6 winters, but mostly they nestle in temperate to warm areas. There’s even a camellia society and growers who list hundreds of “introductions.”


Not all flowers are really suitable for bouquets. At daFlores, we guarantee that our flowers will last for a year, and camellias are too delicate to withstand such a promise. That doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the huge variety of flowers around us.


If you need a stunning bouquet for a loved one, we can always help with that. Our all-occasion offerings pair with seasonal gifts for Valentine’s Day and the holidays – among others. And we work only with the best florists who commit to a high standard of quality and experience. Whether you want to send flowers to Alabama or any of our dozens of additional countries, daFlores is the place to come.

Only a few days left for Valentine’s Day flowers

It’s not that Valentine’s Day can’t be any day you choose. It can, of course. It’s just that Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. You heard us! Valentine’s Day is sneakily located next Monday, on the 14th of February. (It was that date last year, as well. How about that?)

That leaves you only a few more days to organize the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise.

Whether you just started dating and want to impress someone, or whether you’ve decided that spontaneity is better than planning, we at daFlores.com can help. Our team of expert, local florists is on hand and ready to lovingly assemble the best flowers you’ll ever see. And they’re all delivered right to the door. How cool is that?

First, a reminder why ordering from daFlores is the best. We never recycle flowers. If they weren’t planted the morning the bouquet is crafted, we don’t use them. That’s one of the rules for all our florists. But that’s ok. They’ve all been in business so long and love making Valentine’s Day flower arrangements so much that they wouldn’t dream of recycling or cutting corners in any case. It’s a matter of pride!

To order Valentine’s Day flowers from daFlores and to send them to dozens of  countries, first visit daFlores.com and set your language. We’ve translated into lots of different languages for your convenience. Then pick the country where your flowers will be delivered. You’ll see a selection of beautiful Valentine’s Day, all fitted out with ribbons or vases or elegant boxes. Pick the one you want, fill out the details and supply a credit card number. Easy!

We’ll take good care of your Valentine’s Day flower delivery. Our team will create the freshest, most fragrant and gorgeous and delightful flowers your loved ones have ever seen. They will go right to the doorstep. You can add extras like a vase, chocolates, wine, sweet plush toys or balloons – whatever you want. Or you can take advantage of some of our classic combinations.

Whether you want to send a hundred red roses or know your sweetheart would prefer sunny sunflowers, we can do that for you. Just, please, don’t forget that the clock really is ticking and  if you wait much longer, it will be too late to send anything but symbolic Valentine’s Day flowers.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner

Psst…forget something? The next-but-one Monday is Valentine’s Day. This means that you still have plenty of time to order Valentine’s Day flowers or gifts but time is running out. Fortunately, we make ordering incredibly easy for you. Just wander up to the daFlores.com website, pick your language and country, then browse to our Valentine’s Day section.

Valentine's Day Flowers

Valentine's Day Flowers

There, you’ll find a wonderful array of gorgeous red roses, fresh from the garden, along with gifts that you may add. Some of our gifts are combinations: take a look at our 18 red roses with chocolates and teddy bear, for example. Who wouldn’t love such a classic and cute combination on Valentine’s Day? But you can also add extras to any bouquet: these extras include plush toys, chocolates and delicious, crisp wine.

Everyone deserves special recognition on Valentine’s Day. Not only is it one of the most romantic days of the year, it’s a day for expressing love of all kinds. Send some pink roses or lilies to mom, or a big, sunny bouquet of tropical flowers to your best friend. They’ll know what you’re trying to say and appreciate it.

Our Valentine’s Day flowers are guaranteed to stay fresh for a week and, with care, can last  longer. All our florists use blossoms that were growing that very morning. But the warm, fuzzy feeling of being loved, acknowledged and thanked lasts much, much longer, remaining after the last chocolate is eaten and the last sip of wine enjoyed.

This message has been brought to you through your friendly local daFlores blog (and partner florists, who can’t wait to lovingly craft your gift of love, a Valentine’s Day bouquet). We can send Valentine’s Day flowers to dozens of countries in the Americas, Asia and Europe. Order by noon local time and, in most cases, you can still get same-day delivery of your Valentine’s Day flowers. To send flowers to Dominican Republic or any other country in  the Americas please visit daFlores.com

Sweeten your Valentine’s Day roses with extras from daFlores

Valentine's Day Roses

Valentine's Day Roses

Chocolates are a classic way to tell your sweetheart that you’re sweet on her. When you browse our Valentine’s Day roses, you’ll quickly notice that several of our beautiful gifts already have chocolates, thoughtfully incorporated into the gift. You can also send chocolate-equipped gift baskets, lovingly made up and wrapped with expert care.

But did you know that you can add chocolates to any Valentine’s Day roses, too? You’re not at all restricted to our chocolatey gifts. You can pick any of our flower arrangements and, at checkout, opt to add a classy box of chocolates. To arrange chocolates with your Valentine’s Day roses, just check the box where prompted and you have a ready-made, awesome gift.

Chocolate isn’t the only thing that you can add to your Valentine’s Day roses. We have cheerful balloons with messages of love, sweet plush teddy bears and classic wine, too. Just make your selection and we’ll take care of the rest with classic daFlores attention to detail.

Valentine’s Day roses are the ultimate gift but you can personalize your flowers and make them special. You know best what is going to go down well. Just add what you need and we’ll make sure your Valentine’s Day roses are beautifully presented and garden-fresh. In fact, we won’t work with a florist unless they promise to use fresh flowers every single morning.

With so much to choose from, you can give your Valentine’s Day roses that very special, personal twist. We deliver to dozens of countries so, no matter where you are on Valentine’s Day, you can rest assured that the roses and gifts we send will be the best she’s ever seen. And with bilingual service online and by phone, we’re always on hand to help you pick out the right accessories for your Valentine’s Day roses. To send flowers to Bogota or any other city in the Americas please visit daFlores.com

Say it with flowers and say it with style

There’s an old joke going around that goes “Say it with flowers…give her a cactus!” We hope that you’ll never need to resort to that, but there are a hundred and one ways daFlores can help you say it with flowers in a more appropriate way.

daFlores.com - International Flower Delivery

daFlores.com - International Flower Delivery

First, ask yourself who the flowers are for. What do you want to say? We have several sections on our website that allow you to pick bouquets for thank-yous, appreciation, love, birthdays and “just because.” But, even without our guidelines, a little thought will put you in the right direction.

If you want to cheer someone up, send them bright colors. Yellows, reds and fiery oranges do the trick. It’s hard not to smile at sunflowers and gerbera daisies, both of which appeal to children, too. For something a bit more elegant, you might look into our tropical flowers collections. Birds or paradise and other delights await the person you’d like to see smile.

For a thank-you, consider the recipient. Your mom or other female relative might like our tender pink roses, lilies or carnations. For a gentleman, again, look to the tropicals, or send something more generic like a tasteful gift basket. DaFlores has quite a lovely selection!

You’ll want to avoid all connotations of affection if you’re sending flowers professionally. Yellow roses are a sign of appreciation, but orange might signify passion. Your boss might appreciate one of our elegant gift baskets with a bottle of wine or chocolates, instead.

For the love of your life, just about anything will do, but red roses are absolutely classic. Whether it’s that first blush of love or a long-lasting marriage, our offerings start with simple boxed roses to a mind-boggling set of 100 red roses.

Whatever you choose, daFlores takes grand care of you. We hand-pick our local florists to make sure you get superb service and the freshest flowers. Start at our website, daFlores.com and see if you can’t come with some creative, non-prickly ways to “Say it with flowers.”  To send flowers to Colombia or any other country in the Americas please visit daFlores.com

Add a lasting gift to your Valentine’s Day roses

Valentine’s Day roses from daFlores – in fact, any flowers we send on your behalf – are guaranteed to last for at least a week. With a bit of care and attention, they can last even longer. But what if you want your Valentine’s Day gift to last year-round?

Valentine's Day Roses

Valentine's Day Roses

Well, we still highly recommend our Valentine’s Day roses. They come in all sizes, from elegant stems presented in a vase to huge sprays of two dozen or more roses. But you can also add a personal gift to your selection to make it extra-special. Wine, chocolates and more are all available – but we have a couple of longer-lasting gifts, too.

One of our Valentine’s Day add-ons is a cute, sweet teddy bear. We have a few arrangements that already incorporate this cheerful character with his heart-shaped paws and big warm heart. But you can add this teddy bear to your Valentine’s Day bouquet with a simple click of your mouse.

Our quality teddy bear makes the gift of Valentine’s Day roses that much sweeter. Once the holiday is over and done with, he’ll be there in her home, reminding her of you year-round. Adding a teddy bear to your Valentine’s Day roses is a whimsical way to tell her of your love.

DaFlores offers a selection of add-ons for Valentine’s Day roses and all our flowers. We work with great, experienced florists to bring fresh flowers to the doorstep. But you can personalize the gift according to her tastes when you add a teddy bear to your Valentine’s Day roses. To send flowers to Bogota o any other city in the Americas please visit daFlores.com

And, whether you’re together all the time or spend sad times apart, she can hold the teddy bear close and think of you and your loving gift of Valentine’s Day roses.  With our romantic plush teddy bear, it can really be Valentine’s Day all year long.

Loveland continues its long-standing tradition of remailing Valentine’s Day cards

Loveland, Colorado has a very special tradition. This year, 2011, marks the 65th anniversary of its Valentine’s Day card remailing program.



Each year, the city produces a special postal franking stamp with a poem and message. People send in their cards and, for a fee, get their card franked with the stamp and remailed from the “city of love.” It’s called the Sweetheart Stamp and it doesn’t matter where in the world you live; you can get your card re-mailed.

Volunteers and the postal service combine to provide this sweet and unusual service which was begun by postmaster Postmaster Elmer Ivers, Chamber of Commerce president Ted W. Thompson and his wife, Mabel, in 1947. The Thompsons now have a park named after them, complete with plaque.

This year’s stamp has a cowboy Cupid, aiming his little arrow of love. The city also sponsors a Miss Loveland Valentine program, where a high school senior is picked for the role. The organizers say that they see people sending in their cards, over and over again. You can buy the official Loveland card in the local area or online through the program’s website.

Stamping begins on February 2 and is done at the Chamber of Commerce. Participants are invited to send an addressed, stamped Valentine’s Day card in a larger envelope. The card is franked and then re-sent. It’s a community effort and accompanies several special dances and events in the city.

We at daFlores think this is a wonderful way to surprise your Valentine. It only takes a few minutes to arrange and shows that you’re willing to think ahead and come up with romantic delights. Then, of course, we suggest you take a look through our own Valentine’s Day section to see if any of our gorgeous, fresh arrangements might add an extra dimension to your special day!

Remember: All our flowers were still growing the morning they were arranged and are lovingly put together by experts. See if you can create your own, very special Loveland this Valentine’s Day!

Surprise her on Valentine’s Day – get married!

The City of Norwich, Connecticut has an intriguing offer: Register to get married on Valentine’s Day. The City Chambers is running its third annual mass wedding event this February 14. Couples have to register and get their $30 license in advance; the City provides a Justice of the Peace, backdrop flowers, and photographer.

If you want a no-muss, no-fuss festival for your wedding day and really want it to be Valentine’s Day, look around for special events like this. Valentine’s Day is one of the easiest days of the year to remember as your wedding anniversary and will save you tons of worry in reminders and hint-dropping.

You could even arrange something like this for your beloved, but be very, very sure that’s the kind of thing she would like. There’s nothing worse than to arrange to surprise your loved one with a Valentine’s Day wedding, only to find that she had something very different in mind!

Mass Valentine’s Day wedding events like this can be a full alternative to the type of wedding that takes months of planning, hair-pulling, family politics and stress. It’s not quite as bland as a walk-in civil wedding but saves you a lot of money and time. You can then save your money for a wonderful honeymoon or the household furniture you really want.

Once the ceremony is all squared up, you can go ahead and plan a wonderful reception in a favorite restaurant or even at home. DaFlores.com can provide gorgeous wedding bouquets and decorations and, of course, has a huge array of beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers.

DaFlores quality means that we use only florists who’ve been in business at least ten years and who have a proven track record of customer satisfaction. And, even on one of our busiest holidays, you can be sure that the Valentine’s Day flowers you receive were growing fresh that very morning.