Valentine’s Day Flowers for Men

Who’s to say that the ladies should have all the fun on that most romantic of holidays, Valentine’s Day? daFlores has dozens of Valentine’s Day flowers that would look absolutely wonderful on his dining room table.


You can always start with orchids and tropical flowers. Our arrangements are classy and stylish. Neither too fussy, these amazing blossoms add a splash of color to his special day. Send Valentine’s Day flowers to the man in your life, and he’s sure to be impressed at your thoughtfulness.

Then of course there’s the classic rose, a traditional choice that’s just fine for a guy. Much more than a simple blossom, these blood-red flowers come straight from the heart and represent a deep, abiding love. At daFlores we have everything from a simple spray to a vast armful of amazing red roses. There is nothing better than a rose on Valentine’s Day, and at daFlores we have what you need.

Lots of other options exist for Valentine’s Day flowers. We have cheerful sunflowers in tasteful crystal vases. You can add special gifts like a bottle of wine, or even chocolates and fruit. You know your man best and you know what he likes. Just pick out your choices and we’ll take care of the rest.

Let’s face it—you can be like everyone else, or you can think outside the box. Send him his flowers and see what he thinks. For a classic and exciting twist to Valentine’s Day, your man will love his flowers. And because this is daFlores we’re talking about, he’ll only be getting the best and brightest of what’s around.

Why? Because we refuse to work with a network florist unless they’ve been in business at least ten years. They must pass quality checks and use fresh flowers each morning. When you send your man his Valentine’s Day flowers, he’ll be absolutely amazed at how gorgeous they are.

And then, of course, he’ll tell you how gorgeous you are…

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

product_big_0046It’s Valentine’s Day and you need to pick out the perfect gift for your beloved. We at daFlores have a bunch of ideas, if you’ll pardon the pun! A classic gift is always Valentine’s Day roses, and we have those ranging from the simplest, subtle spray to an armful of a hundred red roses.

Valentine’s Day roses are blood-red to match the color of your heart. She won’t miss the symbolism and this is a gift to be admired. Leave her in no doubt as to your intention with these wonderful flowers. You can even add on extras to your Valentine’s Day roses, customizing the gift in all her favorite ways.

Try a bottle of wine, some delicious fruit or a sweet teddy bear. You know your sweetheart the best, so you know which ones will really rock her socks. Of course, we have other delivery options too—what about a pampering spa gift basket or a gift basket full of delicious gourmet goodies?

daFlores has the best Valentine’s Day roses you could hope to find. Always perfectly fresh, we work only with florists who promise new flowers every morning. No recycling for us! And because they’ve been in business a good ten years, their experience and craftsmanship is second to none. We want you to be happy with your Valentine’s Day flowers and guarantee that your beloved will enjoy them for a full week after the event.

You can buy her some perfume, or an interesting book. Wrapped in sweet red paper, almost anything is a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift. Take her to dinner, or cook her a special candlelit meal. But you really can’t beat a bouquet of Valentine’s Day roses, delivered right to her door. As the centerpiece to a wonderful romantic day, Valentine’s Day roses are the perfect finishing touch.

Valentine’s Day Alone

So what if you’re alone on Valentine’s Day? This romantic holiday has many aspects. Part of that is looking after yourself, as any veteran of the solo life can attest. But even if you’re unexpectedly alone, there’s no reason not to pamper yourself with a Valentine’s Day flower delivery.

Any home is blessed with a beautiful bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers. And the best part of all is that you know exactly what you need and what will make you happiest. Just go to the daFlores website, pick out your country then set up the Valentine’s Day delivery. With our commitment to quality and freshness, what could be better than an armful of Valentine’s Day roses, just for you and you alone?

But you don’t need to stop there. There’s no law that says you have to mope when you’re alone on Valentine’s Day. What about sending some Valentine’s Day flowers to your mom or a friend to tell them how much you care? A Valentine’s Day flower delivery is something special, and they say that those who give receive bounty back tenfold.

For a special Valentine’s Day alone, plan a day full of pampering. It can be as simple as a long bath and pedicure, or a whole day spent lounging about in pajamas. Break the day with a Valentine’s Day delivery and enjoy a delightful hour or two arranging flowers. If ever there was a day to spoil yourself, Valentine’s Day is that time.

Eat your favorite lunch, go to your favorite place, and watch a romantic movie or two. Or hang out with your other single friends, and buck the trend on Valentine’s Day. No matter how you decide to spend Valentine’s Day alone, some beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers will brighten your day.

Cupid on Valentine’s Day

When you see that little cherub with the wings, you’re seeing the son of Venus, goddess of love and of Mars, god of war. In classic Greek artwork he isn’t such a chubby little thing; he’s depicted as a gorgeous winged youth, ready to pierce your heart with an arrow. And that’s the gist of Cupid, of course, whether he’s a cutesy little figure seen alongside your Valentine’s Day flowers, or a full-blown classic statue in a museum. His graceful bow is always ready to shoot that arrow of love.

Love comes from nowhere, like a bolt of lightning. Love is blind, but once you have it, it needs to be nurtured. Valentine’s Day flowers are one way to do that, but of course there are many more. Cupid’s gift is a precious one, not to be given away lightly.


That matching between Venus and Mars in an interesting one. While Cupid got his mother’s loving nature, he received the tendency to attack from his war-like father. Cupid’s arrow may not always be convenient, and often in the end leads to heartache. Social mores have traditionally taken precedence over sheer human emotion, to the detriment of hearts everywhere. But Cupid is what he is, capricious and sweet, so just go with the flow and see where he take you.

Cupid suffered the same fate in his own way. Ordered by Venus to punish her rival Psyche, Cupid was supposed to make her fall in love with a horrible monster. He fell in love with her, instead, but she didn’t follow his instructions and he left in anger. Jupiter took pity upon her and turned her into an immortal, where she eventually married Cupid and became the goddess of the soul. Their daughter was Voluptus or Hedone—sheer pleasure.

If you want to give sheer pleasure to your sweetheart, take a tip from the family of Greek gods. Send Valentine’s Day flowers and never, ever take your gift for granted. Love is like a flower that will always need to be nourished. With Valentine’s Day flowers, you can do just that.  For International Flower Delivery please visit www.daFlores.com

Valentine’s Day Roses

Beautiful roses are the classic choice for Valentine’s Day. Luckily for you, daFlores has those in droves. At one end of the spectrum we have simplicity itself—a box with roses tied in ribbon, delivered to the door. These Valentine’s Day roses can be arranged in any way she chooses, and you can even add a vase to complement her taste.


And on the other end we have bouquets, vast armfuls of roses for Valentine’s Day. Red or pink, and other colors too, you can choose your shade according to who receives them. Many of our arrangements come in a choice of colors to send the message you want. Pink, snow-white and yellow are great for family members; but if it’s your sweetheart it’s got to be that classic red.

At daFlores we’re no strangers to Valentine’s Day flowers. We have then in baskets, boxes and vases. You can add cute balloons, bottles and chocolate gifts for the perfect romantic gesture. You can even send up to a hundred red roses to make your love clear! No matter what your budget or the preferences of your lady, we have Valentine’s Day roses that will perfectly fit the bill.

Wander on over to the daFlores website and pick your country from the list. Then choose the Roses section to see what’s available. We work with a network of expert florists, each in business for over a decade. Only if they bring in fresh flowers daily will we let them handle your Valentine’s Day roses.

That way, you can be sure that you’re getting the most beautiful, colorful, stunning arrangements for exactly the effect you want on Valentine’s Day. We suggest that you order a little early, because this is a busy season. But there’s one thing you can always rely on: we at daFlores know our Valentine’s Day roses, and our expertise and passion can help you express what you feel.

Poinsettias – the Christmas flower

In their natural state, poinsettias grow in South America, south of the Equator, which is one of the reasons why this lovely flower crops up at Christmas. Down there, it’s the middle of summer; up in the northern hemisphere it’s a relief to see anything growing, let alone a beautiful poinsettia.


The first poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) were introduced to the USA by Joel Roberts Poinsett in 1828, and it’s from him that they got their name.  In the United States, December 12 is National Poinsettia Day.

The most common poinsettias are a luxurious, velvet red, but they come in a variety of shades, solid colors and variegated. Pure cream poinsettias are often sold covered with glitter to make them even more festive, but in their natural state, set against their pink and red cousins, their bright and striking leaves are attractive enough.

In traditional cultures, poinsettia flowers were used to make red dye and were also used in medicine. Their association with Christmas began in Mexico in the 1500s, however. Legend has it that there once was a  girl who could not provide a gift for Jesus’ birthday. An angel inspired her to gather weeds and place those in front of the altar instead. The weeds transformed miraculously into red poinsettia blossoms.

North of the Equator, poinsettias are usually best kept indoors or in a green house. With care, and warm climates, they can be cultivated outdoors. Poinsettias are subtropical plants, so such places are rare in the USA. But with care and understanding, poinsettias can be coaxed to last beyond the holiday season, taking their blessing into January and beyond.

Poinsettias make a perfect addition to your holiday decorations. We at daFlores can deliver them to your doorstep. Just pick out the flowers you want, and we will take care of the rest.  daFlores.com offers same-day International Flower Delivery.


The holidays are coming, and for many of us it’s a bitterly cold time with nothing much of anything growing in the gardens. So what better solution than to fill your home with holiday decorations made from holly, mistletoe and other winter greenery? Bright red berries and sweet delicate mistletoe set the scene for an unforgettable family celebration. Browse the many choices at daFlores and you’ll have everything arranged in no time.


Start with your front door. Guests will be coming and going all season, so greet them with a fresh wreath on your door.  Christmas Wreaths are traditionally made from holiday foliage but can have dried or fresh Christmas flowers woven through as well. Coupled with some glittering baubles there’s no more welcoming way to start a pleasant visit!

Bring your guests inside, and sit them down at your kitchen table. There, you can put a floral centerpiece with a candle and serve up mulled wine and hot drinks. Larger, more elaborate centerpieces can set the scene for your holiday dinners and parties, but a small one in the kitchen makes a lovely, welcoming greeting and helps put you in the mood, too.

Don’t forget your house. A beautiful Christmas tree covered in decorations and lights is part of what makes the season so special. You might pick a different theme each year, or simply cover the tree in mementos of your travels or life. Don’t forget to let the children put their own mark on the tree by making their own ornaments; they’ll treasure these memories and carry them forward into the future.

Garlands strung up make the house festive and welcoming, and tastefully done will draw comments and delight. Or you can set up baskets full of flower arrangements and seasonal poinsettias to add color and variety to the season. There are numerous ways you can dress up your home for the holidays, but always remember: It’s the love with which you decorate that counts the most!

Halloween Flowers

DSCF1608Trick or treat! We vote for treat! Halloween flowers are a great alternative to the ghosts and ghouls for sale in every store. You may wish to check out the lovely daFlores “Trick or Treat” Halloween bouquet. A dozen orange roses is added to a box of chocolates and elegantly wrapped in cellophane.

Kids (guided by a parent) can arrange to send Halloween flowers to their mom as a thank you for all that time spent on costumes and walking them round the neighborhood. Any Fall-colored flowers are great as Halloween flowers: Look for golds and yellows with some nice fresh foliage to remind of the spring. Or order a lovely bouquet of Halloween flowers for a family party.

Bring Halloween flowers to a Halloween gather or just decorate your own home with Halloween blooms. There’s nothing better to cheer up a winter day than to be greeted by some warm-colored Halloween flowers as you enter your house! When you’ve been out in the cold with your kids, some Halloween flowers might be just the thing to thaw you out (and maybe some hot chocolate, too!)

Just go to daFlores.com and look through our many selections of Halloween flowers. Of course, you don’t have to stick with classic Fall colors; you can pick anything you want for your Halloween flowers. You might send your sweetheart some red roses at Halloween, or pick out something for you sister, or anyone who’s having a birthday around that time. Do you have a friend with a Halloween birthday? She may be feeling a bit left out, sharing her day with a holiday, so you could send Halloween flowers and make her day.

Surprise someone with Halloween flowers this October. It’s easy to order at daFlores.com and there are choices for every taste and price range. Think outside the box and send flowers this Halloween!

Sweetest Day!

Sweetest Day is a tradition that started in Ohio and spread because, well, it is very sweet! Sweetest Day is a great opportunity to send your loved ones some flowers. As the people of Ohio started to move around the country, they took their tradition with them. And now, because our families and friends are scattered so far and wide, you can carry on the tradition with Sweetest Day flowers.

Herbert Birch Kingston decided to do something nice for poor families, and distributed his candy to them on that day. Now, you can send candy along with your Sweetest Day flowers, and the celebrations has become a little like Valentine’s Day in October. Send Sweetest Day flowers and make someone happy on October 17th!

At daFlores we have several options for Sweetest Day flowers. Any bouquet of pink or red roses is an appropriate choice of Sweetest Day flowers. Send pink ones to your friends and family, but save the red roses to make your sweetheart happy on Sweetest Day. Add in a box of chocolates and you stay true to the original spirit of Sweetest Day.

Take your sweetheart out to dinner for Sweetest Day, and bring her some Sweetest Day flowers. If she’s never heard of the holiday, it will be a lovely surprise! Sweetest Day has spread outwards as people left Ohio, so maybe it’s time to introduce your loved ones to a special day in October. Sweetest Day flowers are a great way to do that and let them know they’re remembered and loved.

Sometimes life can get very ordinary, especially in the colder winter months. A bouquet of Sweetest Day flowers can brighten up the day a little. Use Sweetest Day flowers as the centerpiece of a celebratory gather at home, or have then sent to your loved ones both near and far. Let this October bring them all the Sweetest Day flowers they will come to love!  daFlores.com your source for international flower delivery

Send Flowers this Fall!

iStock_000003859601XSmallWhen the trees shed their leaves we see the golden season of Fall, and fill our homes with Fall flowers to honor the season. Fall flower colors include soft, warm oranges, rusts and golds, and celebrations where you might want to use Fall flowers include Fall birthdays, Halloween, Labor Day and the Fall equinox.

Dahlias, lilies, orchids and roses all come in the muted tones of Fall. As part of a Fall flower arrangement these are truly elegant choices. Dried wheat and fruits evoke the sense of a harvest festival—check out the stunning daFlores Fruits and Flowers arrangement. Such an arrangement might be a gift to your church at this time.

Fall birthdays are in September, October and November. Send Fall flowers to people who are born in these months and just see how delighted they’ll be.

Plan a gather for the first day of Fall (the equinox), traditional last day of Summer (Labor Day) or just take advantage of the cooling afternoons for a last outdoor barbecue, and set up a Fall flower arrangement as the centerpiece. If you’re invited to such a celebration, why not bring a bouquet of Fall flowers to your hostess? Fall wreaths on the door are a lovely way of welcoming your visitors, too.

As gardens start to empty out and the color fades from the world, Fall flowers are a wonderful way of extending the season and making the change seem a little less sad. Fall means that colder weather is coming and many people get the blues, so send a Fall bouquet to cheer them up (especially if they end up with unwell and in need of Fall get well flowers).

Whatever you choose for your Fall flowers, daFlores has bouquets to fit every budget and taste. If you order before twelve noon local time for the country where you want delivery, in most cases same-day delivery is possible. We send only the freshest, most beautiful flowers—even in Fall! To send flowers to Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela or any other country of Latin America please visit us at daFlores.com