Table Centerpiece Ideas that Get the Party Started

Table Centerpiece Ideas that Get the Party Started

Stylish and Fun Table Centerpiece Ideas that Instantly Entertain

It’s that time of year again when entertaining guests is a task that cannot be avoided. But dinner parties are meant to be fun – a means of catching up with old friends, getting to know your guests, and giving yourself an excuse to indulge in sweet treats and endless bottles of bubbly. Don’t get overwhelmed with traditional forms of entertaining. Instead, get creative with table centerpiece ideas that instantly capture the attention of your guests, whether because of their vibrant hues or interactive decorating concepts.

Dinner Party 101: Flower Centerpieces Should Never Be Boring

Floral Arrangements for Table Centerpiece Ideas

If making centerpieces fun and exciting isn’t already top of mind when prepping for your guests, it’s time to call in the experts (oh hey, that’s us!). Not only do the beautiful textures and vivacious colors of floral arrangements bring life to your table, lifting morale and adding an element of energy to the party, but choosing table decoration ideas your guests haven’t seen before can transform your dinner setting from just pretty to conversational and chic.

The first design aspect you may consider is constructing a DIY vase made from unexpected materials. Your guests have already seen your gorgeous glass blown vase from the Italian designer you all obsess over. You’ve earned your bragging rights, and you have been the envy of your friends. Now that you are officially a trendsetter, it’s time to start something new for your friends to follow.

Flower Vase Ideas You Never Considered

Whether your dinner party is themed, holiday-inspired, celebratory, or, as previously implied, simply a reason to drink cocktails, a flower centerpiece can make a major statement. Get your imagination running with our DIY vase ideas.

Chinese Food Dinner Party Table Decorations

  • Chinese takeout boxes – This vase alternative is especially fun for a ladies’ night. When your husbands are out drinking beer and talking sports, grab your girls and order from your go-to Asian restaurant for a comfy, casual night in.
  • Ice cream cones – Hosting your kid’s birthday party but want to impress their moms? Deck out your table settings with ice cream cones filled with the prettiest flowers.
  • Hot sauce bottles – It’s time for a fiesta! Who doesn’t love a make-your-own taco and margarita bar, complete with various homemade guacamole recipes, assorted toppings, top shelf tequila, and every type of hot sauce? Of course, your table centerpiece ideas must fit the theme. Decorate each place setting with a hot sauce bottle filled with the most colorful flowers.
  • Berry basket – A cute idea for an outdoor spring luncheon, replace your everyday ceramic vases for the berry baskets from your last trip to the farmer’s market.
  • Assorted gourds – A somewhat messy seasonal-specific vase substitute, a hollowed out pumpkin or gourd is the perfect DIY vase for giving your guests all the autumn chilly weather feels.
  • Pineapple – Another seasonally restricted but absolutely adorable vase option is a carved out pineapple. A symbol of welcoming and hospitality, the pineapple is a classic, yet trendy, dinner party accessory.

Table Decoration Ideas to Get Everyone in the DIY Spirit

While sharing anecdotes about your children, boasting of your recent promotion, and gossiping about the latest drama are all enjoyable dinner party pastimes, your event isn’t truly a “party” without an activity or two. Skip the charades and opt for something that will add a little color to the setting:

  • Have your guests bring just one flower each from their favorite bouquet and place the assortment in your vase at the center of the table to create a surprising, yet stunning, floral grouping everyone will love.

DIY Floral Arrangements

  • Set up a table of flowers, succulents, and foliage for DIY floral arrangements.
  • Every dinner party needs a cocktail hour. Instruct your guests to bring a favorite bottle to drink. Once dinner is served and the booze is gone, line up the bottles along the table and place a fresh bloom in each.

Flowers for an Italian Dinner Party

  • Having an all-Italian meal? Create a charcuterie board of petals to act as the flower centerpiece.
  • This one requires a bit of thought – choose a small bouquet or group of flowers that reminds you of each guest and arrange it with its coordinating place card for a personalized touch.

Still unsure what table centerpiece idea will work best for your upcoming event? Check out our arrangements for additional inspiration!

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