Sweetest Day!

Sweetest Day!

Sweetest Day is a tradition that started in Ohio and spread because, well, it is very sweet! Sweetest Day is a great opportunity to send your loved ones some flowers. As the people of Ohio started to move around the country, they took their tradition with them. And now, because our families and friends are scattered so far and wide, you can carry on the tradition with Sweetest Day flowers.

Herbert Birch Kingston decided to do something nice for poor families, and distributed his candy to them on that day. Now, you can send candy along with your Sweetest Day flowers, and the celebrations has become a little like Valentine’s Day in October. Send Sweetest Day flowers and make someone happy on October 17th!

At daFlores we have several options for Sweetest Day flowers. Any bouquet of pink or red roses is an appropriate choice of Sweetest Day flowers. Send pink ones to your friends and family, but save the red roses to make your sweetheart happy on Sweetest Day. Add in a box of chocolates and you stay true to the original spirit of Sweetest Day.

Take your sweetheart out to dinner for Sweetest Day, and bring her some Sweetest Day flowers. If she’s never heard of the holiday, it will be a lovely surprise! Sweetest Day has spread outwards as people left Ohio, so maybe it’s time to introduce your loved ones to a special day in October. Sweetest Day flowers are a great way to do that and let them know they’re remembered and loved.

Sometimes life can get very ordinary, especially in the colder winter months. A bouquet of Sweetest Day flowers can brighten up the day a little. Use Sweetest Day flowers as the centerpiece of a celebratory gather at home, or have then sent to your loved ones both near and far. Let this October bring them all the Sweetest Day flowers they will come to love!  daFlores.com your source for international flower delivery

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