Sweetest Day 2012 is October 20, send flowers and chocolates to the helpful or needy

Sweetest Day 2012 is October 20, send flowers and chocolates to the helpful or needy

The third Saturday in October marks a regional holiday in the Great Lakes and northeastern United States: Sweetest Day. This holiday was started by the confectionary industry to provide “an opportunity to remember the sick, aged and orphaned, but also friends, relatives and associates whose helpfulness and kindness we have enjoyed.”

Roses and ChocolatesIn other words, Sweetest Day is a holiday to help the needy and those who have been helpful. Give you some ideas? We thought so. It’s a cute holiday that you can use to show appreciation and to give people a bit of a lift with some flowers or tasty chocolates.

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The first Sweetest Day took place in Cleveland, Ohio in 1921. On that occasion, 20,000 boxes of candy were distributed to people who wouldn’t otherwise have been able to afford them. In later years, the candy went to charities for distribution there, instead. Film stars got involved. It was a big deal.

These days, Sweetest Day is more a bit of fun than anything else, but that original sense of giving and sharing still remains. Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and the colors pink and red are part of the tradition, and you can send cards too. If you know anyone in the regions that celebrates it, why not ask them about it? And if the idea of Sweetest Day appeals, then you can always start your own tradition to brighten up a dull fall day.

If there’s someone who makes your life special, you can send flowers for Sweetest Day. They’ll appreciate the gesture and you can follow up with a phone call to explain what you intended and why they mean so much to you. Look through our mixed flower selections to find the perfect arrangement. Have fun this October 20 on Sweetest Day 2012!

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