What are you doing for Sweetest Day this year?

What are you doing for Sweetest Day this year?

What are you doing for Sweetest Day in 2012? Sweetest Day 2012 takes place on October 20, which is tomorrow. We wrote about the background of Sweetest Day earlier this week, but to celebrate we’ve looked around for different celebrations around the country and share them now for your enjoyment.

Chocolate BasketChurch of the Lakes in Canton, Ohio is organizing a “big band” dance night with jazz band and Latin music for toe-tapping sweethearts. The event is definitely in the spirit of Sweetest Day as proceeds go to an anti-hunger charity. Sweetest Day, you may remember, was originally started to help the underprivileged.

Dunkin Donuts in Detroit is producing heart-shaped Sweetest Day doughnuts for one day only. This sweet treat will be available at participating cafes on October 20 only. If you happen to be in that neck of the woods, why not indulge in this special occasion with a pretty pink doughnut?

For something entirely different, the Theodore Roethke Home Museum in Saginaw, Michigan is holding a special fundraiser and Sweetest Day celebration. Beer, chocolates and other goodies will be on hand for visitors and celebrants. Some of the funds will go towards renovating additional historic homes.

Of course, you don’t need to go out on to a special celebration on Sweetest Day. You can organize your own family get-together, volunteer at a local kitchen, or just book a restaurant and have a nice meal out. This holiday is what you make of it and we’re sure you’re brimming with ideas.

Whatever your type of day out on Sweetest Day, we wish you a lovely day. You can still order flower delivery for Sweetest Day if you’re super-quick, so if you do want to organize that, just visit our website and start choosing. Making days special is what we at daFlores are all about.

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