Labor Day: Last chance for summer flowers?

In the United States, summer is neatly sandwiched between two public holidays—Memorial Day in May, and Labor Day in September. In the center is the Fourth of July, and the whole season is dedicated to barbecues, outdoor adventures, and freedom from school. Now, at this time of year, the kids are either back at school or soon will be, and the summer season is drawing to a close with Labor Day coming up on September 1st.

Bright and beautiful sunflowers from daFloresAt this time of year, our thoughts turn to fall. The seasons turn around the third week of September, with the Solstice, and we’ve got Halloween, Thanksgiving and even the holidays to look forwards to. But you can still get your last summer flowers in time for the public holiday, so why not have a last summer barbecue and decorate the table with gorgeous, bright summer flowers?

Take a look through our offerings. Just browse to the country where you’ll be sending flowers—perhaps you have an ex-pat loved one living overseas, or just want to send a bit of your own culture back to the homeland. Click through to any of the detail pages to see what’s what and then fill out your order, customizing with wine, balloons or other gifts, as desired.

Bright colors like sunflowers and tropical splendor are particularly welcome for summer flowers, and can make a marvelous centerpiece to that final summer barbecue. You’ll find tropical flowers in their own section, while favorite bouquets are the first page you see and you can find sunflowers in mixed bouquets and the tropical section.

Whatever you choose, know that we cut the flowers we arrange the same morning, meaning we can guarantee the flowers stay fresh for a week—effectively bridging the gap between summer and fall. What will you be doing in the coming public holiday?

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