State flowers: Idaho’s state flower is the mock orange

State flowers: Idaho’s state flower is the mock orange

We continue our trip through the 50 states of American with Idaho. Idaho’s state flower is the mock orange, or syringa. Officially named the Philadelphius lewisii, the mock orange was designated this mountain state’s special flour in 1931. Confusingly, syringa is also the name for lilac, and this plant, in fact, is not a lilac…it was just introduced to the United States alongside lilacs.

Mock orange (courtesy Morguefile)The flower grows on a shrub up to 12 feet tall, and creates bunches of pretty, fragrant white blooms in late spring to early summer—the best bet for good weather in such high-up, northern states. The plants grow naturally in parts of Asia and Europe, North and Central America.

The special plant is part of a family with up to 65 members, and is sometimes called mock orange because its while flowers look a little like orange flowers. Most of the family is deciduous, but in the farthest southern reaches they can be evergreen. They provide beautiful, decorative flowers that are valued for their scent.

Let’s return just for a moment to Philadelphius lewisii, because its name gives you a great big clue as to the origins. A certain Lewis and Clark found the plant growing in Idaho, which went a long way toward securing its choice as the state flower. It’s native to the west, not particularly common, and was first collected by Meriwether Lewis in 1806.

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