Spring is springing with early flowers

Spring is springing with early flowers

In the United Kingdom, spring is in full swing with the emergence of snowdrops and crocuses. The first spring flowers are always snowdrops—little white bells that often poke up from the snow, giving their name a double meaning. But the bright yellow and purple crocuses are seldom far behind, so that even when there’s snow and ice, there’s also that promise of spring.

group of yellow daffodils in full bloomAre flowers blooming where you are? In desert areas of the United States, this is the time for flowers to blossom, before it gets too hot. In the United Kingdom, it’s barely warm enough, yet these brave little flowers stick their noses above ground to bring hope.

By Easter, chances are, the daffodils will join them, with their yellow and white bells appearing on embankments, in gardens and in parks. As with any bulb, the flowers spread year by year, so it’s not uncommon to see entire towns overrun with gorgeous spring flowers.

Every region of the world has its own way of bringing in spring—whether it’s gradual and in the cold, as in the United Kingdom, or in a quick blaze of glory…or just later in the year when the true warm weather comes. This is a time for renewal and hope, of life getting better with the passing of the season.

Snowdrop- and crocus-spotting is almost a national hobby to detect the first flowers, a little like Groundhog Day, but there’s no fooling nature. Even if we, as humans, can’t detect the warmth, the bulbs that push up those pretty flowers know that it’s time to make a showing and brighten up the early spring.

While we at daFlores don’t offer daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops, we do offer spring flowers, so if you were hoping to bring a little color into the world, just head over to our pages and make your selections; we will take care of the rest.

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