Spring flowers and fall flowers for the solstice

Spring flowers and fall flowers for the solstice

March 20th is the first day of spring if you’re in the northern hemisphere, or the first day of fall if you’re in the southern one. Either way, this is the date of the March equinox in 2014, a day when, at the equator, the night and day are the same length. We won’t get into the astronomy of why that isn’t the case further north and south here, but we will take a look at what daFlores offers in terms of spring or fall flowers.

Spring basket flower arrangementIf you’re looking for spring flowers, think in terms of brightness—sunflowers, bright yellow gerberas, even yellow roses. These flowers evoke the sun that’s finally coming back, and add a splash of color in your house when you’re a little blue from the cold winter. Even when the weather is still too chilly, spring flowers can give you a little boost.

If you know anyone with a spring birthday, now is an ideal time to send a carefully chosen bouquet of flowers for their special day. You can also use flowers just-because to send a good wish, a hello or to cheer someone up who’s been a little down.

Now we turn our heads to the opposite: fall flowers. Here, you would look to more muted colors, such as burnished orange and golds—even reds. Our tropical flower section is a good place to look for these, but we also have other arrangements where you can find these seasonal colors.

The theme here is a little more muted, as we’re going into winter and the long, fun summer is over with for another year. But it’s still a good thing to decorate the home with lovely blossoms and make the season last just a bit longer.

Whether you’re north or south, or sending north or south, have a look through daFlores’ flower selection and see what ideas you can come up with.

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