When a flower is too fiery: An amusing tale from Iowa

When a flower is too fiery: An amusing tale from Iowa

We have an interesting and unusual flower story for you coming right out of Iowa. We didn’t know it was possible for a flower to get too hot, but a homeowner out in the Des Moines area found out otherwise when a man’s flower pot spontaneously combusted. Everyone got out of the house safely and the flaming flower was put out–but not before causing a large amount of damage.

Tropical flowers are a good way to show your passion
Don’t be afraid to think outside the box this Valentine’s Day. Tropical flowers and sunflowers work too!
Those who know a bit about gardening, especially composting, might be a little less surprised. Essentially, when the composting materials start to decompose, they give off heat. Exactly the same happens in composting; it’s one of the things that helps break down materials into good, healthy plant nutrition.

This apparently happens a few times every year in Des Moines, but this story was a little different because the planter was wood and that ignited and the fire just went on from there.

The solution? Water your plants regularly and they won’t misbehave like this.

Now, daFlores makes it our business to provide hot flowers for when you want to show your passion for a person or a project. We suggest that, rather than setting your flowers on fire, you present flowers in fiery oranges and reds.

Our Mexico flower delivery made easy includes an entire section dedicated to tropical flowers, which seems to be the most fiery of them all. But in any of our countries you can send out your message with orange roses, sunflowers and bright gerbera daisies. Browse our summer collection for more ideas.

We promise to never send you compost that will set itself on fire and we also promise that the flowers were growing the morning your loved ones received them. Because we think that fire is best for romance and passion, and best found in the petals of roses and other flowers.

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