How one family turned their tropical paradise into a tropical flower paradise

How one family turned their tropical paradise into a tropical flower paradise

They don’t just have beautiful flowers in Guam, they thrive because of their beautiful flowers. But for one family, that turned into a bit of a surprise. The Murphy family started growing tropical blooms on their one-acre property in Santa Rita, Guam, and ended up creating a sort of “buy local” trade in cut flowers.

Tropical and Bailey's flower gift basketThey don’t make a lot of money from it, but they derive a lot of joy from the beauty they’re surrounded with every day. We at daFlores understand that 100 percent. The Murphys didn’t really set out to do what they did, but they’re happy to be able to share what they do with others who come by to buy individual blooms or armfuls, as well.

It’s kind of like having a farmer’s market for flowers, and the family is happy to help with the greening of their tropical paradise island, in the remote U.S. Territory of Guam. Over time, they’ve started to work with other businesses to ensure that none of their gorgeous flowers go to waste. And they’ve taken on an expert forester for advice. Not bad for a cottage industry!

DaFlores is happy to bring in fresh flowers every morning as well, because it means that we can guarantee your flowers will remain fresh for a week or longer. And we can help you with all your flower needs, whether it’s birthday roses in the USA or if you want to send flowers to Venezuela with daFlores.

Our tropical flower selections are particularly gorgeous, with fiery reds and oranges to create a truly lasting impression. Just browse our country lists and see what’s available in the country where you want to send flowers. Our friendly, expert team can help you with any questions without your having to grow your own lovely tropical paradise.

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