5 reasons to send flowers online in August

5 reasons to send flowers online in August

August still has nearly 10 days left, and there are still plenty of opportunities to send flowers online this month. Whether you pick just-because flowers or prefer to have an excuse, well…here are some excuses you can use to bring joy to your loved ones. Enjoy!

Choose apricot to get peach roses in Peach MonthAugust 25 is Kiss and Make Up Day. We probably don’t need to spell it out to you, but if you’ve had a fight with a loved one lately, sending flowers and the promise of a kiss is a good way to reopen the dialog. With flower delivery on Kiss and Make Up Day, you can try to make sure your bridges aren’t burned.

August 27 is Global Forgiveness Day. This one is a little wider than just the interpersonal and is all about forgiving past trespasses.
Again, sending flowers is a great way to show someone that you have regrets and maybe you could talk about it. You can’t fix some of the bigger issues in our world, but you can manage something one-on-one.

August 27 is Just Because Day. This is a day for doing silly, amusing things—just because you can. And while sending flowers isn’t silly at all, you can cheer someone up by sending flowers just because. Check out our Mexico flower delivery made easy and see how simple it is to pull something like this off.

All of August is peach month, because that’s when peaches are fruiting on the trees. To celebrate peach month, take a look at our selection of delightful apricot-colored roses. We also have some fruit and flowers baskets available in select countries. Use your imagination. We’ll provide the garden-fresh flowers.

August is also Romance Awareness Month. Every country daFlores serves has beautiful red roses available. Make your loved one aware of your romantic feelings and see what you can do. We’ll take care of sending your lovely flowers abroad.

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