October 12 is National Bosses Day: Send flowers to a favorite boss

October 12 is National Bosses Day: Send flowers to a favorite boss

When you talk about employment, the classic stereotype is of an overbearing or Dilbert-style incompetent boss, creating trouble and strife for the employees. It’s the stuff of stand-up comedy and cartoons, for sure, but reality isn’t really that way, is it? We know better.

Tropical flowers and wine arrangementIn truth, the most successful companies have an excellent boss-employee relationship in which the employers value their people and treat them well. From extra gifts to actually hearing grievances and acting on them to make things better for all, a good boss is something to be treasured.

October 12 is National Bosses Day and sending flowers is a good way to show your boss that you know she or he is a good one. A flower delivery on October 12 doesn’t have to be restricted to your female bosses. With daFlores.com, you can add wine or other thoughtful gifts to any flower delivery and have it sent to the office on National Bosses Day.

Tropical flower arrangements are tactful and tasteful and work for both men and women. We also have selections of sunflowers and lilies that work for National Bosses Day.

If sending to a woman, you can send yellow roses which are universally understood to mean “platonic or friends-only.” A good boss is often friend as well as work ally, so that’s something to consider when picking out your National Bosses Day flowers.

DaFlores is experienced in sending flowers to offices for National Bosses Day and other special occasions. Whether your boss is overseas or in the same office as you, why not send flowers to show appreciation for someone you work with every day?

Our expert bilingual team is always there to help you with any questions, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Make your boss’ day on National Bosses Day with a tasteful, fresh daFlores flower delivery to the office.

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