Looking ahead to September holidays

Looking ahead to September holidays

September is just coming up and with it is the fall solstice, the “official” start of fall. The beginnings of cool weather are here already and the nights might be drawing in. The perfect antidote to cold-weather blues is a beautiful daFlores flower delivery—so we’ll take a look ahead and see what good excuses you have to send flowers to your loved ones in the month ahead.

Fall flowersSeptember, starting on the 15th, is Hispanic Heritage Month. While heritage isn’t exactly a reason to send flowers, celebrating all your Hispanic neighbors is. Take a while to look around and celebrate those who’ve made your country the way it is. DaFlores is one of the leaders in flowers to the Hispanic world, so when you want to send flowers to Venezuela with daFlores, you’re covered—and then some.

September is also Honey Month. Does this give you some ideas? We’re sure it is a month to promote all things honey, but we think that includes your honey. For your sweetheart we have a fine selection of amazing roses to make that romance last. And since giving sweet things is part of the package, we’re sure you’ll allow us our sideways interpretation of this theme!

September is also Self Improvement Month and National Courtesy Month. Flowers can play a role in celebrating both these events. Sending flowers is more than a courtesy, it’s a way to recognize those who do really good things for us. As for self improvement, well, try being generous; it always helps.

One more September observance for your consideration is Women’s Friendship Month. That one’s easy. Just send flowers to your female friends to thank them for being themselves. You pick the flowers and we’ll perform the service. Have fun this September and try not to get blue if the days are shorter and colder. There’s always some reason to celebrate!

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