Send flowers abroad after a festival of flowers

Send flowers abroad after a festival of flowers

Flowers come in all shapes and forms and there’s no better way to enhance an event than with flowers. Whether it’s the gorgeous flowers from daFlores international flower delivery company or what happens in Lompoc, California every June, flowers brighten and enhance every day.

Create a festival at home with beautiful daFlores flower deliveryLompoc recently held its annual flower parade and festival. Around 75 floats parade through the historic town, each festooned with lovely flowers. It was a cheerful and happy event in which local groups got to bring awareness of their good work to the public while showing a veritable rainbow of lovely flower designs. Marching bands from local schools and the Air Force base added music and atmosphere.

Some parade participants wore flowers. Others just had the flowers on their floats. Lompoc is a small town, but it’s really big on all those beautiful flowers. And with the coastal and military connection, a visit to Lompoc is always a special occasion in any case.

DaFlores is big on all those beautiful flowers, too. And we love to hear stories of when local communities come together around flowers to do their good work. We tend to work at the family level, helping people send flowers to Chile and many other countries. But we know that flowers can be used in all sorts of different ways.

Whether you want to send flowers abroad or to someone in your backyard, daFlores has the tools and experience you need. We never recycle our flowers, insisting on fresh blooms every morning no matter the time of year. Our florists all adhere to our high standards and are proud of their work.

We’re not really in the business of parades, but we are in the business of showing off our wonderful work to bring your loved ones smiles. Delight someone today with roses or other flowers from daFlores, and we can guarantee that those smiles will be a mile wide.

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