Send a graduate flowers to celebrate success: daFlores graduation flowers are the perfect gift

Send a graduate flowers to celebrate success: daFlores graduation flowers are the perfect gift

This year’s graduates have worked hard for their success, and we’re sure your heart swelled in joy when you saw your son or daughter walk proudly to receive a graduation certificate. High school is over and this notable rite of passage speaks of impending adulthood and the ability to do better. What better way to celebrate your graduate’s special day than with a beautiful flower delivery?

Treat a graduate to international flower delivery from daFloresYoung men and young women alike will love to receive some elegant tropical flowers or bright, welcoming sunflowers. Bright colors symbolize success and a bright future ahead, so look to yellows and oranges to carry that graduate energy far. If this is the first time your grad has ever received flowers, our daFlores offerings are sure to impress and and express your pride and joy.

Graduation is a big step, with university or careers coming up. Once your child is settled into the next step, you can also send flowers to welcome him into his new life too. (Yes, daFlores flower delivery is available to universities and offices.)

When picking out your graduation flowers, look to our mixed bouquets and tropical flower selections for inspiration. You’ll find choices to serve a variety of budgets, and it’s just the case of a few clicks to send graduation flowers across the Americas, not to mention parts of Europe and Asia. Whether you want to send flowers to Mexico or some other country, we have the service you need.

All our graduation flowers come with a full guarantee of satisfaction, and a promise that they’ll stay fresh for at least a week. Both you and your recipient have to be happy with the gift, and our confident, expert florists are on hand to weave magic into your graduate’s flower delivery.

So what are you waiting for? Order now and have the flowers delivered to the graduates in your life. You only graduate once from high school, so make the most of it. Childhood is over now and you can welcome your bright young son or daughter into the joys, trials and challenges of successful adulthood. Congratulations, class of 2012!

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