Send a bouquet to your favorite tax person this year

Send a bouquet to your favorite tax person this year | International Flower Delivery | International Flower Delivery

If you’re an average joe who leaves taxes to the last minute this year, spare a thought for the tax preparers. The next two weeks mark the busiest and most stressful periods of their year as documents turn out to be missing, requests come in three days before the 15th and the paperwork just keeps piling up.


Taxes are bad enough for ordinary people, which is why many of us choose to have someone else take on the hassle. So why not acknowledge the work these people do for us and have a bouquet of flowers sent over on the 16th of April?


While the work doesn’t stop immediately on April 15, much of the pressure is off. Sure, there are the refunds and the revisions and the late-filing returns. But a lovely flower arrangement to say thank you for the service is sure to be appreciated.


This simple and friendly gesture is sure to be appreciated and will maybe alleviate the sense of burnout. Mixed arrangements, such as our assorted gerbera and sunflower arrangements are perfect, but for a more elegant gift (or a gentleman) try our tropical flowers. Add a  bottle or wine or box of chocolates to make things a little more special.


You can browse arrangements by price or occasion, and we’d suggest looking in our tropical flowers or birthday sections for ideas. With so many gorgeous flower delivery choices, we are sure that you’ll find something that fits the bill. Set the date for April 16 or April 18 (the next Monday) and you’ll stand out as a thoughtful person who truly appreciates the service. works only with florists who’ve been in the business for 10 or more years, ensuring that the flowers you send for this professional gesture are absolutely second to none. And as always, they were growing fresh that morning. Give your tax provider a smile today with a flower delivery.

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