Plant Care

Plant Care

Watering flowers

Just like people, plants need three things to thrive: Light, food/water and air.

Light: Place your indoor plants where they get plenty of indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight can actually harm sensitive plants, though some actually like the bright light. Part of plant care is to find that ideal location. If you lack such a space, try increasing light with plant lights or reflective backings. Be sure to put saucers or sheets under the plants so that mess is restricted.

Water: Give your plants water regularly, preferably in the morning before temperatures rise. A plant stores water to protect itself against changing conditions, but it only has a finite space in which to grow. Let the water soak down into a saucer or bowl and then the plant will suck the moisture back up again.

Air: Well cared-for plants like ventilation. An oscillating fan can help plants from drying out and of course keeps you more comfortable, too!

Keep Still: Do not move your plants. Plants can be shocked by moving so leave them where they are if they seem to be healthy.

Space: Another way to care for your plants is to make sure the plant has a sufficiently large pot. If it outgrows its space it becomes pot-bound and its roots are not as efficient. Either trim back the plant or replant it in a larger port. Be sure to add plant food to ease the transition.

Food: You can buy plant food in stick or powder form. Talk to your local nursery to determine what is best for to care for your indoor plants and follow the directions on the package.

Follow our plant care tips to ensure that your indoor garden remains beautiful and happy. daFlores offers a variety of beautiful indoor plants which you can send to your loved ones for a long-lasting gift. We hope you enjoy your indoor plants! To send flowers to Colombia, Mexico or Worldwide please visit us at

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